Facilitation 101 training course

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Facilitation 101 Training Course


About the course

The facilitators’ main task is to help a group (team, committee, community) increase its effectiveness by improving its process and structure. Skilled facilitation provides an environment where group members have the conversations they need to have to move forward.

The Facilitation 101 Training Course provides its participants with a good foundation into the art of group facilitation. It is designed for facilitators with differing levels of experience, including the ones who are beginning on this journey.  The course is broadly experiential, interspersed with theoretical input from the trainers. The training group itself becomes the main learning vehicle, the idea being that the best way to learn about groups is to be in one.


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Target Audience

  • anyone that needs facilitation skills in their professional of community activities
  • leaders, team coordinators, group facilitators, NGO staff, community development workers, people in social change movements, peacebuilders, faith leaders

Course goals

At the end of the course the participants will have:

  • increased their understanding of what facilitation is
  • learned and practised some core facilitation skills (eg: active listening, exploring, summarising, asking good questions)
  • increased their understanding of group dynamics and processes
  • developped an understanding of different facilitation styles and when to use them
  • learned strategies for dealing with challenging behaviour within a group
  • had the opportunity to experience, practise and gain feedback on their own facilitation styles and skills
  • identified next steps for personal skills development



2 days





Conversation discussion



This course is offered in English.


Number of participants

Groups of 10-20 participants



Neil Oliver

Neil Oliver is a Certified Professional Facilitator with experience of working with diverse groups across a wide range of sectors in the UK and internationally. Most of his experience comes from working with complex public sector organizations including the UK National Health Service. Since 2011 Neil has worked with the Caux Forum organizing conferences and providing training. This year Neil is part of the Tools for Change Makers organizing team. He has a particular interest in working with multi-cultural groups and teams.




Prerequisites to attend

No prior knowledge is assumed or necessary.


Cost of Training

Interested in this course? Please get in touch with us for further details: CONTACT


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