07 October 2020

In many of the workshops we facilitate, meetings we hold, and relationships we are involved in, our participants, employees, and others are passionate about the topics we are covering, and emotions can trigger challenging behaviours.

In this course you will learn methods and tools that can be used to analyse conflict, to structure conversations towards positive results, and to help develop confidence in managing difficult working relationships and tricky moments in a constructive and sensitive way.

After the introduction of a topic or tool, you will participate in practical skills based exercises, including realistic and challenging role-plays. You are encouraged to bring examples of actual conflicts you are facing and consider how to address them during the course of the day.


Participants will learn to:

  • Identify the signs of conflict and apply some new skills, tools and conflict resolution principles when managing conflict
  • Localise and address conflicts before they escalate
  • Work more assertively, impartially and effectively when directly involved in challenging working relationships 
  • Challenge others appropriately and constructively on difficult issues
  • Help to facilitate better working relationships when in conflict


Venue: Silentium Room at Punkt.Null, Maulbeerstrasse 10, 3011 Bern (just opposite train station)


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Photos: Leela Channer


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