Listening disentangled

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Listening disentangled


About the course

Listening is a famous 'soft' skill that indeed 'softly' destroys teamwork and understanding when good listening doesn't prevail. To have practical strategies for improving listening, it can be broken down further, giving us an awareness of what is actually going on in the dynamics of listening.

The session explores and supports enhanced awareness of different levels of listening and where they are contextually appropriate. Participants experience a different type of focused listening and become aware of features of listening that are impactful. Experienced within a team, the session also develops common awareness of ways in which misunderstandings arise.


Conversation discussion


Target audience

NGO staff, community development workers, people in social change movements, peacebuilders, faith leaders;


Course Goals

  • Develop awareness of different levels of listening and where they are contextually appropriate
  • Develop awareness of features of listening that are impactful
  • Experience a different type of focused listening



4 hours


Conversation discussion



Online, Onsite (in Caux or other locations)



The course is offered in English.


Number of participants

Groups of 8-30 participants (more can be considered)



Rob Lancaster

Rob Lancaster (Australia) has worked on trustbuilding projects and programmes in Asia, Africa, and Eastern and Western Europe with over 30 different teams, primarily of Initiatives of Change. His experience ranges from leadership programmes in Caux, to the reconciliation process and grassroots consultation in South Sudan. Rob has Honours degrees in both Law (LLB) and Arts (International Relations/French) from the Australian National University, as well as a Master’s of Public Policy (MPP) from the University of Oxford. He currently works with Oxford Policy Management, an international development consultancy, managing a peacebuilding programme in South Sudan. He likes fresh cinnamon doughnuts.


Bhav Patel

Bhavesh Patel designs and facilitates learning and development for people, organizations and networks. He believes that in an increasingly uncertain world, there are no off-the-shelf ideal pre-defined solutions. Instead organizations can find their evolutionary capacity through engaging the hearts and minds of their own people. This leads to a variety of work from strategic development to helping community groups discover their shared vision. He also works as a trainer, delivering workshops that explore skills in self-management, communication, training and facilitation. Bhav has a Master’s in Management Psychology and has worked in over 30 countries for a mix of social and corporate clients.


Prerequisites to attend

No prior knowledge is assumed or necessary.


Cost of Training

Interested in this course? Please get in touch with us for further details: CONTACT


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