Negotiation skills training for non-profits and international organisations

13-15 September 2020

Training event with Stefan Szepesi

Negotiation is at the core of leadership competency. This is an intensive two-day training organized in partnership with Negotiation and Public Service.

In the training you will gain insights and practice skills to deal with everyday as well as complex negotiation challenges. Whether you are raising funds, managing projects, steering communications or advising on governance or HR, this training is for you. Practice is at the heart of this training, including through the multi-party Abraham Path negotiation simulation.

The training is based on the Harvard school of principled negotiation as first introduced over three decades ago by Fisher and Ury's "Getting to Yes; Negotiating Agreement without Giving in".

The two days zoom in on managing substance, relationships and process aspects of negotiation simultaneously. This programme is designed for professionals working for nonprofits and international organizations operating on a global scale. The small group size and individual intake ensure the training is tailor-made to the everyday practical needs of participants.  


Participants will learn to:

  • Go beyond their gut feeling/intuition and apply structure to negotiation preparation.
  • Recognize different styles to conflict, including your own.
  • Clarify interests and alternatives, both for yourself and your counterpart.
  • Structure negotiations "at the table "and take control of the process.
  • Respond to challenges arising from pressure, emotions or issues of process.
  • Verify whether an emerging agreement is a good deal.
  • Put a helpful "negotiation lens" on aspects of your work that you thought had little relation to negotiation.

The training gave very useful tools to help manage any professional or personal conflict, with practical exercises and accurate feedback allowing an interesting self assessment and quick implementation for noticeable results. - Maude Pittet Nazareno, ICRC


Discussion Caux



Held at the Caux Conference and Seminar center, the Caux Palace above Lake Geneva. This exceptional venue provides ample opportunity for inspiring conversations, critical reflection and meeting peers whose work, like yours, revolves around making the world a better place.

  • Trainer: Stefan Szepesi (+1 NPS trainer above 9 participants)     
  • Number of participants: 6-12
  • Fees: € 1250,-
  • Overnight and hospitality fees: € 445,- 

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Organized in partnership with Negotiation and Public Service

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