Servette against Racism

22 March 2020

Enriching Encounters

"Servette against racism" is a public event taking place on the weekend of 21-22 March 2020. It is organized by various associations from the Servette district and from Geneva to campaign festively against racim and there will be a number of activities, including a round table, dance, concerts, an interfaith celebration and the Enriching Encounters.

In preparation to this event the organizers participated at a training delivered by IofC Switzerland in January 2020. The training participants learnt about the Initiatives of Change approach, about why and how we adapted the human library concept into the Enriching Encounters format, and about what elements to consider in their organisation and moderation.

We hope that you can join the first externally organized Enriching Encounters event on Sunday 22 March in Servette, Geneva!


Servette contre le racisme training Flyer 2020

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