General Terms & Conditions governing the attendance of Initiatives of Change online events





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General Terms & Conditions governing the attendance of Initiatives of Change online events


Initiatives of Change Switzerland is registered as the CAUX–Initiatives of Change Foundation in Switzerland and is the main contact and responsible body for legal and organizational issues of its online events.

These General Terms and Conditions are valid for all attendees registered for any Initiatives of Change online events.

For any questions regarding this document, please contact us by email.



All prospective attendees must register via the online registration form.

Should the maximum attendee capacity be reached, the organizers and Initiatives of Change Switzerland reserve the right to refuse any additional application for registration, in principle on a “first-come, first-served” basis.


Technology used for online events

We may use Zoom and/or Microsoft Teams to conduct the events.


Participation & right to expel 

Every person is entitled to register for Initiatives of Change online events. Should an attendee not abide to these Terms and Conditions or show any form of disrespect, Initiatives of Change Switzerland reserves the right to expel that attendee and set an unlimited duration to that decision. This right is exercised at the discretion of the event manager or nominated representative.


Film, photo and video/audio recordings, press, social media during online events

By registering to any online event organized by Initiatives of Change Switzerland, you consent to the use and distribution by the foundation and its partners of your image, likeness or voice for informational, publicity, promotional and/or reporting purposes in print or digital communications media.

Attendees will be informed of any recording or images being taken and will have the possibility to opt out.

Attendees may take and share their own photographs/screenshots for private use as long as not asked otherwise by the organizers and as long as the attendees comply with some basic rules of respect towards the subjects photographed.

Initiatives of Change online events offer a safe space that needs to be respected. Please ask the organizer of the meeting if it is ok to take screenshots. Screenshots and recordings should be treated like other potentially harassing interpersonal interactions, hence, when one person in the interaction says “stop” or “leave me alone” or words to that effect, the interaction must end. In such case, attendees should not attempt to photograph that individual again. Lastly, the subject may inspect the screenshot/recording at any time and, if requested, the photograph or footage, etc as the case may be must be immediately deleted.

An online event may include features allowing attendees to post questions, comments, messages and other content (together, “Attendee Content”). Unless stated to be a confidential session, if you post any Attendee Content, you are granting Initiatives of Change Switzerland a right (unlimited in time) to publish, re-use, archive, modify, or delete that Attendee Content in whole or in part as we see fit, in any form, format, media, and channel, and for any purpose whatsoever and without further obligation to you. You also waive any moral rights that you may have in regard to the Attendee Content. If you wish to have your comments, questions, messages or other content removed from our records please contact us.

Journalists and media outlets wanting to cover an online event should announce themselves by email and fill in this media release form. Depending on your role/representation, different requirements, terms and conditions will apply.

For independent bloggers, representatives of NGOs and partner institutions, any communications related activities, including, photo/film, video or audio recording for public use, a media release form must be filled out. Initiatives of Change Switzerland reserves the right to refuse any communication related activities to any independent blogger or representatives of an NGO if the media release form hasn’t been filled out a week prior to the event. Please contact the communications team for further information.


Data Protection and Use of Contact Details

Upon registration and by accepting these Terms and Conditions, the prospective attendee authorizes Initiatives of Change Switzerland, registered as the CAUX – Initiatives of Change Foundation, to use his/her personal data as stated in the registration form to stay in contact regarding the registration process and the event selected. The data will also be used to inform the organizing team of the event about their attendees. Furthermore, your data may be used for statistical analyses but, to that end, they will be anonymized. All data will be treated confidentially and will not be sold or transferred to any third parties outside specific event co-organizers and outside the Initiatives of Change (IofC) network, which consists of all members of Initiatives of Change International cited here:

Unless explicitly indicated otherwise by you via the registration form, the CAUX–Initiatives of Change Foundation and the incorporated local IofC organization of the country of your residence may use your contact details after the attended Conference, Programme or Event for the purpose of communicating with you, such as for sending you our newsletter and conference report, to inform you about upcoming events or to ask you for sour support. You will be provided options for opting out of receiving such e-mail communications.

All request to access / change personal records should be directed by email.


Modification of the Event

Initiatives of Change Switzerland and the event organizers reserve their right to modify the programme, which is published as an indication only at their discretion.


The views expressed by any event attendee or volunteers helping to run an event, are not necessarily those of Initiatives of Change Switzerland. All attendees and volunteers are solely responsible for the content of their presentations, interventions and statements. 


Last update 16.09.2020

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