Our Approach

Our Approach


The Caux Initiatives of Change Foundation's vision is a just, peaceful and sustainable world in which people act from a sense of global interdependence and responsibility.

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Established in 1946, the Caux Initiatives of Change Foundation organizes and coordinates international and local conferences, seminars and training in Switzerland, primarily in its conference centre, the Caux Palace, bringing together a true diversity of people.

Caux Initiatives of Change provides a safe and privileged space to inspire, equip and connect individuals, groups and organizations from around the globe to engage effectively and innovatively in the promotion of trust, ethical leadership, sustainable living and human security.

Caux Initiatives of Change operates in line with its key approach of bringing global change through personal change and with its core values of absolute respect for human dignity, of truth, solidarity and care at every level of public or personal life. The Foundation recommends silent reflection as a means to access creativity and inspiration.


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How to build trust and promote change - our approach


Change starts with me: Initiatives of Change (IofC) believes that personal and global change go hand in hand. Each individual has the power and the responsibility to self-reflect and align their actions with their values, thus ‘being the change’ they want to see in the world.



Creating a safe space: Throughout all its activities, IofC seeks to create a confidential space free from judgment, where each individual can speak freely regardless of their cultural, spiritual, social or economic background.


A values-driven approach: The Caux Initiatives of Change Foundation encourages individuals and organizations to act according to a common set of human values. Values create a strong basis for true dialogue, common decision-making and self-development. As people reflect on their values they can use them as guides for their decisions and actions. The Foundation's core values are: absolute respect for human dignity, truth, solidarity and care.

Support our mission

The success of our mission depends largely on the financial support of our donors. By giving to the Caux Initiatives of Change Foundation, you will ensure that we continue to inspire, equip and connect individuals to be the change they want to see in the world.