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CSP 2018 Dialogue

Why partner with us?


While our partners often bring technical expertise and 'know-how' from their respective fields, we draw on our extensive experience in design, facilitation and hosting to create an atmosphere conducive to adding more personal and self-reflective elements.

Our methodology makes use of story sharing, values-based thinking, slowing down with moments of silence and the creation of a safe space for honest dialogue. It also empowers the individual in such a way as to create personal change. thus accentuating the human element necessary for global change.

Our tools and expertise have already been successfully combined with our partners for large events in Geneva and Caux, as well as for smaller trainings and programs.

Partnering with IofC has been an excellent support for CCHN, especially as we share the value of building a global community of practice. IofC has mainly accompanied us in developing robust methodologies in facilitation and in offering a privileged space in Caux for meaningful dialogue with frontline negotiators on critical challenges dealing with armed groups. We are thankful for establishing this trustful relationship that accompanies the development of CCHN.

Claude Bruderlein, Director, Centre of Competence on Humanitarian Negotiations (CCHN)

Initiatives of Change has been a trustful partner of GCSP for many years on projects related to peacebuilding and migration. It combines a unique and inspiring location in spectacular Caux with a "savoir faire" on mediation that dates back to their historic contribution to reconciliation in Europe after the Second World War. It has grounded its work on solid principles of inclusivity and open-mindedness. Its contribution to peace and mutual understanding will likely be more in demand in the future.

Ambassador Christian Dussey, Director, Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) 


The FDFA’s work and that of the Caux Forum are complementary. The FDFA concentrates on the political level whereas Caux focuses more on the personal, individual level. The Caux Forum is part of the Swiss ethos of defending human values.

Carol Mottet, Senior Advisor, Human Security Division, Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs




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