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75 Years of Stories

Discover our new series "75 Years of Stories" – one story for each year from 1946 to 2021 – of inspiring people from all over the world whose lives were changed by a visit to Caux.


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  • Dolce Riviera 2020 sun chairs

    Open Gardens at the Caux Palace

    05 Jul 2021 - 01 Aug 2021

    Following on from last year’s success, the Caux Palace Gardens will once again be open to the public this summer. Let the children play in the gardens while you enjoy the panoramic views, continue your hike with a walk along the Promenade or simply relax on one of the many benches and sunbeds.

  • Learning to be a Peacemaker

    19 Jul 2021 - 23 Jul 2021

    If you are aged 18-30 and passionate about global change and Muslims’ contribution to it, then the Learning to be a Peacemaker course is for you! Application deadline: 16 July 2021!

  • CDES Luc Gnacadja Leela Channer rect

    Caux Dialogue on Environment and Security

    20 Jul 2021 - 30 Jul 2021

    This year’s Caux Dialogue on Environment and Security will provide a unique opportunity for over 400 of the world’s leading thinkers and representatives to convene virtually and discuss ways in which we can together accelerate global action on environment conservation and restoration.

  • CPLP conference

    Creative Leadership

    25 Jul 2021 - 31 Jul 2021

      Background 2021’s Creative Leadership conference will embark from the premise that creative leadership comes from the depths of our beings: in short, from who we are. The conferences aims to shape a more hopeful future by empowering a generation of young leaders.

  • Désertification_des_terres Wikimedia.jpg

    Summer Academy on Climate, Land and Security

    26 Jul 2021 - 30 Jul 2021

    Why land and security solutions need to be forged together to respond to the threats posed by climate change and create a more peaceful world. The Summer Academy 2021, which is co-designed by the Geneva Centre for Security Policy and by Initiatives of Change, takes place within the framework of the Caux Dialogue on Environment and Security.

  • Group Coaching for Leaders 2021

    Group Coaching for Leaders

    29 Jul 2021 - 18 Nov 2021

    This online leadership development programme is for a group of six to eight people who carry some responsibility for managing teams, will focus on the human relations impact of leading and has been designed using Action Learning principles.

  • Water of Life Day of Gratitude

    Water of Life

    01 Aug 2021

    Celebrate with us Lennart Segestrale’s wonderful fresco, the beautiful masterpiece that has accompanied so many important meals and discussions over the years in the dining-room of the Caux Conference and Seminar Centre.

  • Day of Gratitude with crest event

    Day of Gratitude

    01 Aug 2021

    This year's 1 August celebrations will mark the convergence of three activities: the official closing of the Caux Forum 2021, a Day of Gratitude and the launch of the IofC Hub 2021.

  • Day of GRat Choir

    'Musical Stories' with the Caux Vintage Chorus

    01 Aug 2021

    This musical event will present a variety of songs which were composed and performed especially for Caux and the many activities of Initiatives of Change all over the world. Join in and (re)discover IofC's musical heritage of the past!

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