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  • Peace Circle Tools for Changemakers 2019

    Peace Circle at la Décentrale, Mont-Soleil

    11 October 2019 - 13 October 2019

    Peace Circles are offered throughout the world by Creators of Peace, a global network of women whose mission is to engage men and women in their role as creators of peace  at every level of society.

  • Group Facilitation Methods

    Group Facilitation Methods

    28 October 2019 - 29 October 2019

    The Group Facilitation Methods (GFM) training will teach you versatile, powerful techniques for structuring group conversations and finding group consensus. It introduces the foundations of the Technology of Participation (ToP) approach by teaching the Focused Conversation (O.R.I.D) and the Consensus Workshop methods. It will allow you to make meetings more effective, engage groups to develop creative solutions and to help groups identify and…

  • Safe space

    Participatory Strategic Planning

    30 October 2019 - 31 October 2019

    The Participatory Strategic Planning (PSP) training will teach you 4-stage process (Practical Vision, Underlying Contradictions, Strategic Directions and Implementation Plan) for planning and implementing medium to long-term strategies for teams, departments, communities and organisations. Based on the Group Facilitation Methods training’s Consensus Workshop method for building consensus and the Focused Conversation (O.R.I.D) method for…

  • Human library Nov 2018

    Building Trust in and around Europe

    05 November 2019

    Get inspired by our “human books” who will tell their story of why and how they build trust in and around Europe! Each of them will present a different approach, from cooking to environmental cooperation and documentary film-making, across generations and countries. But they have one thing in common: Their important trustbuilding work helps to prevent tensions and transform conflicts within and between communities and hence contributes to…

  • Amis de Caux April 2019

    Friends of Caux Weekend

    16 November 2019 - 17 November 2019

    The weekend will be a on the theme of "the values that challenge us". To get the detailed programme, please write directly to Registrations are open until 10 October as long as space permits. This event will be in French and German.

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