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Anne Catherine Sutermeister
Anne-Catherine Sutermeister

We are excited to announce that Anne-Catherine Sutermeister has joined the team as Head of Community Engagement, Arts & Training Programmes for Switzerland.

Anne-Catherine brings a wealth of experience and expertise in arts management and cultural policy, coupled with a dedication to enriching educational initiatives in these fields.

Her work in cultural organisations (Théâtre de Vidy-Lausanne, Bibliothèque cantonale universitaire de Lausanne, Théâtre du Jorat), in higher education (La Manufacture in Lausanne and HEAD-Genève), in cultural policy (Canton of Berne, Pro Helvetia Foundation Board, State of Valais), and as a consultant and trainer (MAS in cultural management at the University of Lausanne/Geneva, University of Basel and University of applied sciences Winterthur), reflects her deep commitment to the strategic realignment of cultural institutions, ensuring that internal values, both organizational and artistic, fortify the overall operational frameworks.

Her dedication heritage appreciation demonstrates her innovative perspectives, emphasizing the importance of incorporating living traditions and intangible heritage into contemporary strategies for building a sustainable and solidarity-based world that prioritises artists working conditions, ecological sustainability and mental health.




Anne-Catherine, What motivated you to join the Caux Initiatives of Change team?

After devoting my professional career to culture in various forms, working in government departments, cultural organisations and training institutions, I felt I'd come full circle. Plus, these last years, and especially since COVID-19, I realised how new agendas emerged : climate change, migration, shaky democracy, and wars create a context of insecurity, inviting us to strengthen our resilience in a number of ways. I'm really looking forward to discovering a professional field dedicated to these issues.


Could you tell us a little about your new position and your priorities?

In my role, I address three key areas: Community Engagement, Arts, and Training Programmes. I am focused on revitalizing and expanding a community network in Caux and will be collaborating with cultural circles to create a research and skills interface to tackle these issues through art, developing artistic projects that resonate with the history of the Foundation. I am currently setting up an artist residency project that delves into the organization's archives and elevates the significance of this truly extraordinary place.

Finally, I am also actively engaging with local skilled individuals to strengthen the training offerings. This involves working closely with the community to identify and tap into their expertise, thereby enriching the training programmes and ensuring their relevance to the local context.


Can you share an interesting fact about yourself?

In 2019, I took a sabbatical in South-East Asia and Australia, meeting artists and cultural managers and interviewing them to learn more about their realities and best practices. At the same time, I completed my yoga practice by training to become a yoga teacher. I am strongly interested in mental health issues and took classes in first aid before completing the following summer the certification as Mental Health Instructor.


What is your favourite part or room at the Caux Palace?

Given my background, the theater! I didn't know there was a magnificent neo-baroque theater in the Caux Palace, seating 385. Then, I recently spent my first night in the Caux Palace, and the view of the Leman is simply mind-blowing.


Welcome to Caux Initiatives of Change, Anne-Catherine!


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