Your event in Caux



With over 75 years of experience in designing and hosting events at the Caux Palace and Villa Maria, our hospitality team are here to tailor your event to the specific needs, objectives and budgets of your organization.

Our strategic partnership with the Swiss Hotel Management School, involving the partial lease of the Caux Palace, plays a vital role in sustaining the building's upkeep. Consequently, we operate two models of hospitality services:

Throughout the year we host groups of up to 35 participants in the Caux Palace and Villa Maria. Arrangements can be made for groups of up to 50 people. We also host day and evening events for up to 350 people.

From mid-June to end of August, the Caux Palace and Villa Maria also offer a unique setting for large events and conferences of up to 350 people, including accommodation for up to 250 people.

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