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Welcome to the Caux Forum 2024!


On this page, you will find useful information to help you prepare your stay in Caux during the Caux Forum 2024. In case you have further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out by email.

We look forward to seeing you in Caux this summer!


With its breathtaking views across the Leman from an altitude of 1050 meters above sea level, the Caux Palace is a historic venue that transformed into an international meeting place for Initiatives of Change in 1946, thanks to the generous contributions of countless volunteers and supporters.

Despite its grandeur, the Caux Palace remains a humble place at its core, aiming to inspire, equip, and connect individuals and organizations to become the change they wish to see in the world.

Owned and managed by the Swiss foundation, Caux Initiatives of Change, the Caux Palace serves as a historical and inspiring center for reconciliation, peacebuilding, trust building, sustainability, ethical business, creative leadership, and more. Learn more about the history of Caux here.

The Caux Palace is not a hotel but a purposeful meeting place, offering a safe space for people from all walks of life. Immerse yourself in the rich history of Caux and discover how this extraordinary place lies at the heart of the Caux Transformative Experience.              

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We highly recommend that you travel to Caux by public transport as parking spaces are limited. Caux’s train station is situated right next to the Caux Palace. Caux can be reached within one and a half hours by car or train from Geneva, and two hours from Bern. Trains run every hour from both Geneva Airport and Bern.

  • For exact travel times and connections, please consult
  • Click here for a detailed map of the area.

Participants’ rooms will be ready and available for check-in from 4pm on the day of arrival.

On the day of departure, the forum will end completely after lunch. For organizational reasons and to prepare our spaces for other events will kindly request all participants to check out by 10:00 am on the day of departure and to leave the site before 2:00 p.m.

Please check the Terms and Conditions for your particular event:

Caux is situated at 1050m above sea level and it can quickly get chilly. Please make sure to familiarize yourselves with the appropriate clothing requirements based on the season when traveling to Caux.

Please note that there are no shops and no restaurants available in Caux and that you will need to go down the mountain to Glion or Montreux for any shopping.

Remember to bring your own medicine if needed, we are unable to provide any to you.

With a capacity of up to 450 people, our intentionally distraction-free rooms provide an environment conducive to reflection, connection, and meaningful experiences.

Therefore, you won't find televisions, mini-bars, or room service in our rooms. Bedrooms in the Caux Palace are equipped with single beds. In rooms with twin occupancy, separate beds can be moved together for couples.

All bedrooms are located in the Caux Palace and have a balcony with a stunning view over the Alps and the Leman, or direct access to the garden. All rooms in the Caux Palace are equipped with shower/bath, WC, telephone and free Wi-Fi-internet access.  Housekeeping services are provided once every two days. 

We look forward to offering you well-balanced meals, mostly inspired by European cooking traditions. We favor seasonal produce from environmentally sustainable sources. Meals are served as a self-service buffet, open at specific times. Meals include fresh mountain water and coffee or tea.

Please note that for food safety and health reasons, there are no storage space or fridges for personal food. We also ask you not to keep any perishable food in your bedroom.

Vegetarian options will be available for lunch and dinner.

If you have medical or health issues, our catering service will do its best to accommodate most standard dietary requests. We can also meet requests for gluten-free and lactose-free diets. Low fat meals are not provided, but you will be able to choose appropriate food at our buffets. In order to welcome people with different religious backgrounds we do not serve pork.

Please make sure to inform us about your dietary needs in advance, (see registration form) as we might not be able to accommodate late or on-site requests.


It can get quite cold in Caux so you may want to bring some warm clothes even during the summer. Sturdy shoes for a hike and closed shoes may also be of use. There is no formal dress code, but please bring clothing that is respectful and inclusive of all participants.

A public laundry room offers everything you will need to wash, dry and iron your clothes. 

Young people are vital stakeholders in the future of Caux. A free indoor play area and outdoor playground is available during the main events of the Caux Forum. Please be reminded that children remain the full responsibility of their parent(s) or legal guardian(s).

For parents with babies, a special kitchen is available 24/7 to store and prepare food. 



At Caux Initiatives of Change, we are committed to creating a secure and inclusive environment for all. We enforce a strict zero-tolerance policy against any form of misconduct to ensure the safety and comfort of all participants. If you encounter any inappropriate behavior during our events, please promptly notify a staff member and request to speak with “Aretha”.

This code ensures that trained staff will address your concerns promptly and discreetly and ensure appropriate action is taken. Caux Initiatives of Change retains the right to expel any attendee displaying disrespectful behavior, with the duration of expulsion determined at our discretion.


The Caux Palace and Villa Maria buildings are a non-smoking zones. There are designated smoking areas outside the buildings. Smoking on the balconies is forbidden for fire security reasons.



During the Caux IDG Forum (9 - 13 July, 2024) and at the reception of the Opening Ceremony of the Caux Democracy Forum (15 July 2024), participants who wish to enjoy local wine and beer can do so in the dining room and on the terrace of the Caux Palace. Wine and beer will be available for purchase at a designated area during dinner time (CAUX IDG FORUM ONLY).

Please note that bringing alcohol onto the premises is not allowed and that any alcohol purchased at the Caux Forum must be consumed in the dining room or on the terrace. 


Caux's beautiful location high above the Leman offers an ideal environment to relax. The conference schedule allows time for individual reflection and for cultural or outdoor activities. 

Caux Forum participants receive the Riviera Card which offers free travel to Montreux and Vevey, reduced train fees up to the Rocher-de-Naye as well as numerous discounts for museums and other activities.

The schedule may include opportunities to share your artistic talents and pianos are available. 

There is a self-guided Belle-Epoque historical walk starting right outside the Caux Palace reception.

If you consider hiking in the mountains during your stay in Caux, please make sure to check out the basic tips to stay safe and avoid accidents or injuries. This document is available at reception.


Please make sure you have adequate health insurance to cover your journey and stay in Caux since the Swiss medical system is expensive.

Interpretation services will be provided upon request (see registration form). Interpretation into other languages may also be provided according to the needs of the audience.

The Caux Forum welcomes journalists, bloggers, organizations, institutions and individuals who wish to cover Caux Forum events. Depending on your role and who you represent, different requirements, terms and conditions will apply.  For any request to cover the Caux Forum, including interviews with participants or speakers, please contact us by filling out the form for media coverage.





The water from our mountain springs is readily available and safe for consumption straight from the taps.

Help us reduce our carbon footprint !

In recent years, Caux Initiatives of Change has taken various measures to reduce its carbon footprint and to promote sustainable living.

  • Wood-fired heating was installed in the Caux Palace in 2016. This has reduced both our direct CO2 emissions and those associated with transporting fuel.
  • Most lighting is energy-efficient LED lighting.
  • Local energy supply, mainly from renewable sources.
  • We try to work as much as possible with local and seasonal products.
  • Use of cleaning products from a range specifically recognized as eco-friendly.
  • Waste sorting and transformation of organic waste into renewable energy.
  • Caux Forum notebooks, bags and other official merchandise are made from sustainable materials.
  • Since 2016 all Caux Initiatives of Change promotional materials have been printed on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified or recycled paper. This ensures that the paper is produced from responsibly-managed sources.


You can help us in the following ways:

  • Switch off the lights when you leave your room.
  • Unplug your battery charger as soon as your device is recharged. Don’t leave the charger plugged in overnight.
  • Save water by turning off the tap while brushing your teeth or washing your hands.
  • Avoid unnecessary washing of towels and sheets by following the housekeeping recommendations.
  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator: this saves electricity and helps to keep you fit.
  • When the heating is on, don’t leave the window open for more than ten minutes.
  • Reduce food waste by only taking as much food from the buffet as you will eat. If you are going out for a meal, please sign out in advance.

Reduce plastic waste by refilling your water bottle from the tap. Tap water in the Caux Palace is drinkable and comes from our own mountain springs

The Caux Palace & Villa Maria are part of the OK:GO initiative!

We are delighted to be taking part in the OK:GO initiative set up by the Swiss Tourism Federation. This initiative enables businesses, in particular those in the hospitality sector, to make information on the accessibility of their buildings available to their customers at a glance. 

For people with reduced mobility, information on accessibility plays an important role when planning a trip.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by EMAIL.

Caux Palace location in Caux

There are two designated car parks near the Caux Palace with spaces for about 60 cars. All parking spaces are free of charge. There are more parking lots available close by but we recommend that you use our spaces first according to availability.



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