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The success of our mission depends largely on the financial support of our donors.

By giving to the Caux Initiatives of Change Foundation, you will ensure that we continue to inspire, equip and connect individuals to be the change they want to see in the world. 

Leave a Legacy

Your legacy for a just, peaceful and sustainable world

Remembering Initiatives of Change in your will is one of the easiest and most useful ways you can help. In the past, legacies have accounted on average for over a quarter of all our donations.

Become a Facilitator

Develop your facilitation skills to enhance participation, deepen conversations, build teamwork and develop ownership. Discover our range of facilitation courses that will develop your competence and confidence as a facilitator and provide the opportunity for you to focus and deepen your skills in your chosen areas.


The Caux Scholars Program is a multi-discipline study course with a global alumni network in over 60 countries, promoting peacebuilding and conflict resolution.

Become a Volunteer

You are interested in Initiatives of Change and would like to work with us as a volunteer?  Find out more about our activities and how to get involved!

Become a member of the Friends of Caux IofC Association

The Swiss association Friends of Caux IofC connects people living in Switzerland who are interested in keeping in touch during the year and in implementing projects that are furthering the aims of Initiatives of Change Switzerland and increasing the visibility of the Caux conferences.

Become a Caux Interpreter

Becoming a Caux Interpreter is an opportunity for final year interpreting students and young interpreting graduates to practise their skills in a real-life conference setting, working alongside more experienced interpreters.

Partner with us

No organization can single-handedly address all of the world's complex challenges. We believe that partnering is a key way of achieving our goals.

Initiatives of Change brings a wealth of expertise in facilitating, designing, hosting and creating safe spaces that can serve as a platform for various organizations and changemakers to collaborate to increase their impact.

Work with us

Please check back regularly as all job offers, including part-time and short-term, will be published here as they arise.