Congratulations to Montreux, designated UNESCO City of Music

A wonderful promotion for the arts, youth and sustainablity

Montreux City of Music square EN


Congratulations to the city of Montreux, which has been awarded the prestigious label of UNESCO City of Music and is now Switzerland's first UNESCO Creative City, along with Fribourg, which becomes City of Gastronomy.

We commend Montreux for its outstanding efforts in uniting various cultural stakeholders in the realm of music, resulting in a vibrant tapestry of musical diversity, spanning genres such as jazz, classical, electronic, and a myriad of cultural contributors in the region.

We are delighted to be partnering with the Saison Culturelle de Montreux on the Emergences Musicales programme in December and look forward to welcoming both artists and audiences at our centre, the historic Caux Palace, nestled high above Montreux, a venue steeped in rich artistic heritage. Our local roots are important to us and, as part of the municipality of Montreux, we are dedicated to utilizing our various spaces, including the theatre, event spaces, and the picturesque gardens, to contribute to the deployment of this important designation.


 Caux Palace theatre
The theatre at the Caux Palace offers space for events and concerts for up to 385 people.


"In a time when our world faces immense global and human challenges, the need for places of solace, contemplation, and the exploration of potential futures is paramount. Initiatives that allow us to recharge and reflect are indispensable. Caux Initiatives of Change enthusiastically anticipates an enriching partnership with Montreux to enhance and strengthen the offerings, guided by our core principles, as we collectively work towards a sustainable future." says Anne-Catherine Sutermeister, responsible for Community Engagement, Arts and Training Programmes at Caux Initiatives of Change.



Caux Palace HATCH people in garden drone 2023
Our Hospitality for Change concept at the Caux Palace covers a large variety of offers for cultural and musical events  (photo: HATCH)


Photo top: Adrien Giovannelli

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