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We are delighted to welcome Sarah Noble who joined our team as our new Head of Global Engagement in International Geneva.

Sarah has dedicated her career to peacebuilding for a better world and is passionate about leveraging the power of storytelling to build peace among individuals and for the planet as a whole. In her TEDx talk, Storytelling is Our Real-Life Superpower, she invites us to embrace this ability to confront the existential issues of our time and create a better future.

Prior to joining our foundation, Sarah has held leadership positions at international organisations focused on peacebuilding, humanitarian issues, and independent media. She brings with her more than 20 years of experience in strategic communications, fundraising, and partnerships in the field of international peace and security. Sarah is also co-founder and Curator of the Peace Talks and has hosted over 20 editions of the event in more than 8 countries, with a cumulative audience exceeding 8,000 attendees. 

In her new position, Sarah will play a key role in strategic and highlevel representation of the Caux Foundation at the United Nations, external events, high-level working groups and through partnerships. Building and leveraging networks and alliances, she will help strengthen the impact and outreach of the Caux Foundation within International Geneva, and solidify the role of the Caux Palace as a Centre for Inner Development Goals.




Q&A with Sarah Noble


Tell us about your background, Sarah.

My background is in the peace and security sector. I worked for many years in a peacebuilding organisation and also in the non-profit media space.


What are you passionate about in your work?

I am really passionate about the role stories play, how we understand the world and how we make change. Change, starting with each one of us, is one of the core elements of Initiatives of Change and I am therefore excited to be part of the Caux Foundation team. 


What inspired you to join the Caux Initiatives of Change Foundation?

I was inspired to join the Foundation because of its mission to promote a more just and peaceful society. That’s the kind of world I want to live in and I want to spend every day that I can ensuring that me and my children and all of us can live in a more peaceful world.


What is your favourite place at the Caux Palace?

It’s the Main Hall where the Caux Forums take place each July, like the two forums coming up this summer on the Inner Development Goals and on democracy. It's not only the beauty of this room with amazes me, but I am also in awe of all those important peacebuilding moments which have taken place right here, like the reconciliation between Germans and French after World War II, the dialogues to promote peace in the Great Lake Region in the early 2000s, or the launch of the international women's initiative Creators of Peace.


Welcome to the team, Sarah, and all the best for this new adventure!





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