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Are you a director, manager or team leader needing practical tools for effectively bringing your team’s ideas together and for making better collective decisions which are being implemented? Are you looking for solution how to facilitate long-term teambuilding through fostering genuine connections, deeper discussions, processing and improved communication?

Training teams and facilitating dialogues are at the heart of Initiatives of Change's long experience of working with peace and trustbuilding all around the world. We combine our experience and expertise and offer facilitation support for your events online, onsite or at our Swiss centre, the Caux Palace, to enhance participation, deepen conversations, build teamwork and develop ownership.


Why is facilitation important?

Facilitation provides a set of competencies that enables you to work effectively with groups while ensuring that individual voices and ideas are heard and included in the ongoing conversation and in the end product. The facilitator takes responsibility for the process, allowing the group to generate and control the content.

Whether you are leading meetings, developing plans, holding conversations, guiding an organization through change, transforming conflict, building your team, engaging with others, these skills are useful and important for you:

  • Conversations, Decisions and Plans are enriched by including multiple voices, ideas and perspectives and facilitation provides a framework and process for such inclusion.
  • Using a facilitated approach strengthens the ownership of the group over the topic, decision or plan, leading to stronger commitment and motivation and a higher likelihood of implementation.
  • The presence of a detached facilitator focusing on process allows groups and individuals to express their opinions and ideas openly and safely, thus building understanding and trust.
  • The use of different methods and tools for engagement ensures that everyone can participate, whatever your social or learning style.

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