Bhavesh Patel  designs and facilitates meetings to explore organisational issues and opportunities, and offers skills training in coaching, communication, and facilitation.
Brigitt Altwegg has been designing and facilitating dialogues and group conversations in her position as Programme Manager Trustbuilding with Initiatives of Change Switzerland since 2012.
The Group Facilitation Methods (GFM) training will teach you versatile, powerful techniques for structuring group conversations and finding group consensus. It introduces the foundations of the Technology of Participation (ToP) approach by teaching…
The Participatory Strategic Planning (PSP) training will teach you 4-stage process (Practical Vision, Underlying Contradictions, Strategic Directions and Implementation Plan) for planning and implementing medium to long-term strategies for teams,…
Jonathan Dudding is the Director of ICA:UK.
Anna Krebs works in facilitation, organisational development and gender equality. Through her work she wants to help create ripples of positive and sustainable change.
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