CCHN World Summit on Frontline Humanitarian Negotiation 2021

Broadcast from Caux, Switzerland

28 June - 03 July 2021


The CCHN World Summit on Frontline Humanitarian Negotiation 2021 is organized by the CCHN, a strategic partnership between the ICRC, WFP, UNHCR, MSF and HD. This six-day event is organized in collaboration with Initiatives of Change Switzerland.

The CCHN World Summit aims to further strengthen the capabilities of humanitarian organizations. This year, the CCHN World Summit is promoting and facilitating a dialogue between frontline negotiators from the CCHN Community and other professional circles including humanitarian policymakers, conflict management specialists, negotiation scholars and reconciliation experts from around the world.

Multi-format sessions will be delivered in English, with some sessions delivered in Spanish, Arabic, or French, on an online platform dedicated to the summit. This event will also serve as CCHN's 5th Assembly and further enhance the digitalisation and regionalisation of humanitarian negotiation.

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The Summit is open to all CCHN community members; other humanitarian professionals; professionals engaged in negotiation, mediation, conflict management, development and peacebuilding; representatives of donor governments; as well as civil servants, academics, scholars and students and media focused on these areas.



To participate in the World Summit, registration is mandatory for all participants. Registration will be closed on Thursday, 24 June 2021 at 12:00 PM (Geneva time /CEST)


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Listen to the broadcast by on the preparations of the CCHN World Summit at the Caux Conference and Seminar Centre (in French)


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