Training of Trainers and Facilitators in Caux: Designing and Facilitating Participatory Learning Experiences (5 - 9 October 2022)

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Training of Trainers and Facilitators in Caux: Designing and Facilitating Participatory Learning Experiences

5 - 9 October 2022


IofC Switzerland is looking to enlarge their pool of trainers and facilitators that can skillfully put the core principles and practices of IofC at the heart of any learning experience and can professionally deliver training and facilitation services which are inclusive, experiential and participative.

To meet this end, we have developed a learning path made up of a series of trainings and practice opportunities that complement each other and enhance the knowledge and practice of working efficiently with diverse groups, online and onsite. We hope that these development opportunities will benefit also the other IofC teams, by contributing to building their own capacity for good facilitation and programmes delivery.

The first onsite training offered as part of this strategic capacity building journey is:



A foundational training course on the essential building blocks for designing and delivering IofC events


Onsite in Caux – Villa Maria


  • 05 October -arrival day 
  • 06-08 October- 3 full training days
  • 09 October- departure day 


About the course

The course aims to enhance the confidence and knowledge for:

  • good training and facilitation design
  • delivery of events that have at the heart IofC principles and practices

It includes theoretical input as well as opportunities for practice and group discussion. The course addresses aspects specific to IofC’s learning environment, such as the use of Dynamics of Change as IofC’s theory of change, the introduction and facilitation of quiet reflection practice and other IofC specific elements, as well as more general knowledge and understanding of what makes good experiential and participatory learning experiences.

These will include:

  • clarifying the purpose of an event and how to understand the needs of its audience
  • understanding and working with multiple learning styles and multiple intelligences
  • designing for learning through experience and participation
  • designing facilitation using ORID framework
  • exploring methods such as Liberating Structures




Target Audience

This course is for people active in the work of IofC who wish to develop skills and deepen understanding of what makes good design and good delivery of events.

We are particularly looking for participants who:

  • have participated previously in IofC programmes onsite
  • have showed interest and have already engaged with IofC programmes and teams
  • are already delivering training and facilitation, for IofC or other organisations
  • already have clear opportunities available to deliver training and facilitation and feel they need more skills to do it
  • are interested in developing their event design and facilitation skills
  • are interested to start a development journey and become part of a trainers and facilitators pool coordinated by IofC Switzerland for delivering training and facilitation services professionally
  • are motivated to apply the skills also in support of their IofC teams

Places available: 20

Application deadline: 20 August 2022

We will get in touch with all applicants by 31 August 2022 latest to let them know whether they have been accepted.



Bhav Patel

Bhav Patel

I spend most of my time supporting individuals and groups having conversations about their messy realities as they look for direction and make decisions. Usually these are networked groups, often global, often with unevenly distributed power and resources. All of them are trying to make a difference in people's lives, their own lives, and our planet. I use an eclectic range of sources and have been deeply influenced by complexity thinking, coaching, and spirituality. You might call me a facilitator, trainer, coach, host, or even a conversational gardener. If I am honest, I find it difficult to define my work and give myself a specific title or badge, and I quite like that!


Kate Monkhouse

Kate Monkhouse

Kate is a facilitator who is passionate about participation, spirituality and social justice. Kate has 25+ years’ experience of working with faith-based and community organisations in civic engagement, social inclusion and peacebuilding. She has a Masters Degree in Public Administration and a Postgraduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution. Kate is an RSA Fellow and helps run the Two23 Network of Christians connected by LGBT+ issues. She is a member of the Othona Community and sits on the Advisory Group for Creators of Peace UK. (July 2022).



The cost of the course per person is CHF 2’000. Due to our fundraising efforts we can offer the course for a subsidised price of CHF 1’200. We are also able to offer a limited number of scholarships to highly motivated candidates who cannot cover the full cost.

The cost does not include the travel costs to and from the venue.

The cost includes:

  • 4 nights’ accommodation in Caux at the Villa Maria (5-8 October)
  • Food: 3 main meals per day + coffee and refreshments for breaks, starting with supper on 5 October and ending with breakfast on 9 October
  • 3 full days of on-site training (4 sessions/day) + 3 morning facilitated quiet reflection sessions and evening programmes
  • 1 online preparatory session and 1 follow-up online session
  • Hand-outs and course materials
  • Certificate of achievement

The course is part of a series of courses and skills building opportunities IofC Switzerland is developing to build capacity and develop a pool of trainers and facilitators available to IofC national teams, also in support of IofC Switzerland’s capacity development strategy for professionally delivering training and facilitation services.


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