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Patrick Chappatte, credit: Matthieu Zellweger
Chappatte cartoon exhibition CDF 2024


Press cartoons have become a recognised genre: inevitably subjective, they are artistic and journalistic representations of current events and reflect the artistic creativity of their creator, who uses drawing, typography and graphics to express his or her interpretation of the news in all its forms. The drawings on display at the Caux Palace showcase the wide range of Patrick Chappatte's artistic creativity. Patrick Chappatte was born in Pakistan in 1967 to a mother of Lebanese origin and a Swiss father. Published in the world's leading newspapers, he quickly made a name for himself with his incisive and caustic take on current affairs in Europe and around the world. He has worked for Le Temps, the NZZ, Der Spiegel, Le Canard enchaîné and The New York Times. He chairs the Freedom Cartoonist Foundation, inspired by Plantu and Nobel Peace Prize winner Kofi Annan, and is involved in a number of initiatives to promote peace and democracy around the world. The cartoons displayed at the Caux Palace reveal the full complexity of press cartoons and, more particularly, the humour and art of Patrick Chappatte! (photo: Matthieu Zellweger/cartoon: P. Chappatte)

  • 15 - 27 July: Main Hall (4th floor), Caux Palace 


Sylvie Esquerré


Sylvie Esquerré's motto is: "Life is not as it is portrayed ... it is as you colour it!" After teaching mathematics, Sylvie Esquerré has been passionately devoting herself for over 10 years to wood and stoneware sculpture, two materials she often likes to combine. Various training courses with internationally-renowned ceramists such as Alberto Bustos, Stuart Williamson for modelling, Patrick Buté for research into high-temperature glazes and Anne Le Hénaff for raku have enabled her to develop her knowledge and practices, and choose her own artistic approach. She is particularly passionate about creating pieces that explore both organic and abstract forms, as well as original textures and finishes. In the future she hopes to continue perfecting her skills, to persevere in her experiments with oxides, enamels, engobes and terra sigillata, and to develop her communication skills to be able to better share her passion and her values.

  • 9 July - 27 July: Salle Belle Epoque (4th floor)



Action-Parrainages and l'association suisse PAIRES work hand in hand to promote encounters and the creation of links between people seeking refuge in Switzerland and people from the host society. When paths cross, friendships are forged and life paths can change. In 2016 and 2017, in response to the growing influx of refugees, projects were launched to link people who had been living in Switzerland for a long time with families, young people, men and women in exile. The aim was to get to know each other, overcome prejudices, support new arrivals in their integration and start to build together this part of the country that we share, be it for a short or a long time.
Action-Parrainages and PAIRES (Projet pour l'Aide à l'Inclusion des Réfugiés-e-s en Suisse) have similar goals and are working together to achieve them. As a tribute to how far they have come, the travelling exhibition "Faire la PAIRES", organised with the support of Fonds lausannois pour l’intégration, unveils some of these pairs - people who have known each other for 3 years, 3 months or... 3 days.

  • 9 July - 27 July: Belle Epoque (4th floor)





Jean-Marc Vignoli is a musician and lives in France. After training as both a violinist and an engineer, and a long career in industry, he (re)discovered the path to his own creative expression. For the last ten years or so, he has been living and sharing the mysteries of sound, improvisation and creativity and has also recorded several CDs. Jean-Marc Vignoli describes himself as a 'tailor-made' violinist. The music he plays is inspired by the message, the mood and the moment in which it takes place. Having become aware of the therapeutic dimension of music, he has turned his attention to the dimension of sound that soothes, relieves and harmonises, helping to transform and heal the human being in intimate contact with nature. 



Born in Istanbul, Göksu Sandıkçı's journey is a captivating blend of two worlds: the structured realm of Electronics Engineering and the soul-stirring realm of music. From her earliest days, she found herself drawn to melodies, serving as the lead singer in orchestras during her primary school years. It was there that her passion for music first took root, blossoming into a desire to explore the depths of jazz. In 2014, Göksu's jazz odyssey truly began when she attended Sibel Köse’s Jazz Workshop, marking the inception of a lifelong love affair with the genre. Fueling her ambition, she completed the Jazz Certificate Program at Bahcesehir University, solidifying her commitment and quest for musical excellence. This led her to traverse Europe, studying under the tutelage of esteemed jazz mentors. Each chord progression and improvisation became a brushstroke on the canvas of her artistry, shaping her unique voice and style. Her thirst for knowledge and artistic growth has taken her across the globe, getting various education in Poland, Italy, the UK, and the USA. Göksu had opportunities to showcase her talent not only at prestigious jazz clubs and festivals in Turkey, but also international ones such as Veneto Jazz in Italy, Mau Mau in London, San Diego Art Museum and recently in jazz clubs of Switzerland. Now residing in Switzerland, Göksu brings her eclectic music taste to the forefront, blending jazz standards with elements of funk, blues, R&B, and soul. As she takes the stage in Caux, her music will accompany the softness of the sunset. (photo: Iremnur Demir Esen)

Göksu (vocals) will be performing together with four talented musicians: Valentin Conus (sax), Pablo Klopfenstein (piano), Latyr Boyle (double bass), Gabriel Deloffre (Drums)


Nola Kin (credit: Andrin Fretz


Nola Kin is all about embracing her inner chaos and staying true to herself. The Zurich-based singer-songwriter brings raw energy to her performances. With a powerful voice and a unique guitar style, backed by a band that can range from four to seven members, including horn sections, she creates an electrifying atmosphere on stage. Nola Kin is an overthinker with a brain that does wild things, which mostly inspired her latest EP, „Mayhem“. Inspired by artists like Blake Mills, Bon Iver, and Dijon, her music blends Indie folk, soul, country, and Americana into a lush sound with attitude. For Nola Kin, music is therapy—a way to let go and be herself. From the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival to venues in Copenhagen, Nola Kin's performances have left audiences captivated. She is currently nominated for the "Artist Award" at the Swiss Music Awards, an honor reserved for exceptional musicians. This concert is organised with the support of the Montreux Jazz Artists Foundation. (photo: Andrin Fretz)


Hyung Joon Won


Hyung Joon Won is a South Korean violinist trained at the Juilliard School. In 1990, he performed at the World Economic Forum which celebrated the 1990 reunification of East and West Germany. This inspired him to think of music as a medium of reconciliation. In 2009, with the hope of creating a joint North and South Korea orchestra, he founded the Lindenbaum Festival Orchestra. Since 2009, he is planning to hold a joint orchestra concert between the Koreas. Hyung believes that eventually, his dreams will come true. His relentless efforts towards making his dream a reality is captured in the documentary film named “9 at 38”.

17 July, 20:00 - 20:30 CEST: Caux Democracy Forum, Caux Palace Theatre 


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