Caux College of Renewal 2024

11-16 September 2024


At the Caux College of Renewal we believe that nothing and no one is ever 'too far gone'.

Our five day intensive course offers a unique opportunity to be trained in systemic renewal, which is a way to lead change for systems that are no longer working well, or perhaps never did.

Whilst systems change theory and thinking are gaining traction as ways of approaching change leadership, shifting the paradigms that underpin a system isn't easy.

We offer an academically grounded, evidence-based pedagogy for deconstructing and purposefully rebuilding a system, starting with its mindsets.


Who is it for?

We cater for professionals and leaders working for change in a wide range of sectors, from both corporate and NGO settings. 


The Venue

The Caux Palace is a special place with a unique history of providing individuals and communities with space to heal and redesign their future; by setting up intentional learning communities skilled in the practice of looking back to look forward.


Dates 2024

11 - 16 September 2024


The Cost

1100 CHF, including accommodation, meals and curriculum materials


The Team

Heather Cetrangolo Sept 2023

HEATHER CETRANGOLO (AUSTRALIA) - Programme Director & Facilitator

Heather Cetrangolo is a Change Agent and Systems Change Thinker who has always run to the ‘too hard’ places, where there are few resources, broken trust and change feels impossible. This is where she likes to play. Having spent twenty years developing this kind of leadership in legal practice, community development, education and as an Anglican priest, Heather has now designed an evidence-based pedagogy to share with leaders from all sectors with a secular framework that is accessible to people of all faiths and none. She calls it Systemic Renewal. Heather has studied law, theology, education and leadership, and is now completing her PhD developing a pedagogy for change.





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