08-12 September 2024


Are you trying to effect change in a sector that is rehabilitating itself? Are you trying to move systemic barriers that feel unsurmountable, or is the pace of change far too slow?

At the Caux College of Renewal our motto is "It’s not too hard. It’s not too slow." These aren’t just words. Our team of Renewalists have an ambition to transform domains that appear arduous and beyond repair.

Come to Caux this September where you will have space to: -

  • Unwind on your private balcony, breathe in the mountain air and take the rest you need;
  • Experience the way the Caux family can uniquely restore and stretch leadership capacity; and
  • Engage with our evidence-based strategies for rebuilding the shared mindset of a system.


The Venue

The Caux Palace in Caux, Switzerland, owned by the Caux Initiatives of Change Foundation, is a special place with a unique history of providing individuals and communities with space to heal and redesign their future. It was bought in 1946 in the context of post-war reconstruction.

Caux Initiatives of Change Foundation is part of the Initiatives of Change (IofC) global non-profit network, committed to the transformation of society through changes in human motives and behaviour, starting with one’s own The movement was founded by Frank Buchman in 1908 and we have teams in 36 countries. 


Who is it for?

Our annual retreat is open to all change leaders in all sectors, including community development work, peacebuilding, humanitarian work, sustainability, education and health care.

At the conclusion of our exclusive retreat experience, we will continue to host an intensive Mastery Programme, for selected professionals in middle and senior management roles. 


Course Focus

Organisations that are either in transition or leading sector-wide transition need to achieve deep mindset change for strategy to work. We have a methodology that delves into the crux of resistance factors and endeavours to renew the mindset of the system, its relational norms and associated structures.

At Caux you will have the opportunity to learn about and experience our process first-hand, and to hear from a range of speakers and case studies in leading systems change, from government, private and NGO contexts.



  • All inclusive | Accommodation in single occupancy room: CHF 1.050.- /person
  • All inclusive | Accommodation in shared occupancy room: CHF 950.-/person
  • Accompanying person in room (partner - spouse - children from 6): CHF 475.-
  • Children from 0 - 5 | Accommodation shared with parents: CHF 140.-


Registration includes:

  • Full event content
  • Accommodation at the Caux Palace for the duration of the meeting (Single & Shared occupancy room)
  • Access to conferences and community spaces during the entire event period
  • Refreshment corner & Coffee breaks
  • Meals (First meal is dinner on Sunday evening and last meal is breakfast on Thursday)
  • Riviera Card (Provides free access to the train from Caux to Montreux and from Montreux to Caux)
  • VAT & City taxes Included


For adults and children staying in shared accommodation, the price includes all meals but does not cover access to work sessions and coffee breaks. Packages are not flexible either.



Download the 2024 brochure 

Discover the 2024 programme 



Please contact Heather by email if you are interested in applying for the Mastery Programme and would like to see a full Information booklet. Below is a simple brochure which includes the dates for this year’s face-to-face and online training.

Successful applicants to the Mastery Programme are trained to be licenced consultants in the practice of Systemic Renewal. The face-to-face component of the training will take place at the Caux Palace straight after the Caux College of Renewal.  

Download the Mastery Programme booklet


Meet the Founder of the Caux College of Renewal

Heather Cetrangolo Sept 2023

Heather Cetrangolo (Australia) is a dedicated systems change researcher and the visionary behind Systemic Renewal, who passionately advocates for a particular breed of change leaders that often goes unnoticed—the 'Renewalists.' These unsung heroes specialise in rebuilding broken systems from within, a role Heather has embraced throughout her professional life.

With two decades of experience, Heather has applied her skills in various challenging contexts, such as:

  • Strategising with international student support teams through escalating rates of suicide and mental health incidents;
  • Revitalising schools by reinventing outdated mission and vision statements
  • Leading faith-based communities recovering from abuse by past leaders
  • Guiding non-profit organisations facing liquidation
  • Facilitating a legal support service for socially disadvantaged clients unable to access Legal Aid.

Her groundbreaking, trademarked programme was crafted collaboratively with global leaders at the Caux Palace in Switzerland. Now, Heather is extending her transformative approach to corporate, government, and non-profit sectors.

Heather holds degrees in Law, Theology, Education, and Leadership Studies. Currently completing a PhD, she is developing a pedagogy for systems change inspired by Franciscan social reform.

Resilient like her namesake, 'Heather,' she has learned to flourish in harsh conditions. As a victim survivor, Heather believes that no one and no situation is ever too far gone.



Shivani Gopam

SHIVANI GOPAL - CEO and Founder of Elladex, Australia

Shivani Gopal is a passionate feminist, serial entrepreneur and finance expert on a mission to create a more equal world. She is the Founder and CEO of ELLADEX and Co-Founder of Upstreet. Shivani has won the 2022 NSW Excellence in Womens Leadership Award and the Top 50 Small Business Leaders award. She is recognised as a leading feminist and business thought leader, helping women navigate through their careers, businesses and financial success.

Shivani is a former panellist on Your Money Live and the Today Show while being named one of Australia’s Top Career Women by Cosmopolitan in 2018, and “A Woman to Watch in 2018” by Popsugar. She has written feature articles for Fairfax, Newscorp, Yahoo Finance, Women’s Agenda along with countless other media agencies. As a dedicated advocate for gender equality and for closing the wealth gap for everyday Australians, Shivani launched “Equality 2050”; a campaign to achieve gender equality within our lifetimes, along with co-founding Upstreet, enabling the nations first share-reward platform to increase wealth seamlessly via everyday spending. In her professional career, Shivani has won the prestigious Female BDM of the Year award from Money Management in 2014.


Ignacio Packer

IGNACIO PACKER, Executive Director, Caux Initiatives of Change Foundation, Switzerland

Ignacio Packer was appointed as Executive Director of the Caux Initiatives of Change Foundation in May 2023. Until March 2023, he served as Executive Director of ICVA, the global consortium of humanitarian NGOs. ICVA is a global network of non-governmental organisations whose mission is to make humanitarian action more principled and effective by working collectively and independently to influence policy and practice. Ignacio has over 30 years of experience in humanitarian work and development issues. He served a five-year term as Secretary General of the Terre des Hommes International Federation, and previously worked for the Terre des Hommes Foundation, the Swiss Tropical Institute, the European Association for Development and Health, Medecins Sans Frontieres, KPMG and the European Bank for Latin America. He is an expert on human rights and social issues. He has been strongly engaged in global advocacy on protection frameworks for migrants and refugees with a particular focus on children and youth. Passionate for long-distance challenges, he is also an enthusiastic ultra-trail runner.


Tom Taylor

TOM TAYLER, Head of Climate Finance, Sustainable Finance Centre for Excellence, Aviva Investors, UK

Tom is a sustainable finance professional, working in the Sustainable Finance Centre for Excellence at Aviva Investors, the asset management arm of UK-based insurance business Aviva. His work focusses on reform of the financial system to embed sustainability, with a focus on climate and social aspects. In addition to his work at Aviva he has worked with the finance team of the UN High Level Climate Champions in the build up to COPs 26, 27 and 28 and he is part of the reference group for the UNEP FI/UNPRI Legal Framework for Impact project.



BROOKLYN WHITE, CEO and Founder of Renewing Hope Agency, Canada

Brooklyn has worked in community development since graduating from social work in 2018. She is a dedicated community developer with a passion for creating meaningful change within organisations. She’s had the privilege of collaborating with diverse organisations focusing on development, programme innovation, and enhancing overall organisational effectiveness. At the heart of her agency, Renewing Hope Agency, lies a commitment to three core areas: transformative legacy building, ethical leadership training; and supporting new initiatives.




What they say about the Caux College of Renewal 

"Heather is an advanced theoretician in ‘Systemic Renewal’. She has strong analytical and critical thinking skills, along with a problem-based and solution-oriented approach. All of this is accompanied by a strong visual presentation ability which makes her work more easily comprehensible. She posesses a humble character and patiently observes and perceives new knowledge."

Gazmend Gjyshinca MP, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Kosovo


"Heather's approach goes to the very heart of the issues and offers a fresh perspective on generational problems. She has the ability to take issues that feel cemented into systems and turn them into clay, reshaping them into something new. It has not only given me hope, but the tools and inspiration to effect deep-rooted change."

Brooklyn White, CEO and Founder of Renewing Hope Agency, Canada


"As someone whose job is focussed on macro level system reform, Heather’s insights, research and pedagogy have provided me with a clearer grounding in the need to understand renewal at the micro, meso, and macro levels. Her work is much needed and her skills as a leader, facilitator and teacher are first class."

Tom Tayler, Head of Climate Finance, Sustainable Finance Centre for Excellence, Aviva Investors, UK



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Kindly note that registrations will close on 31 July, 2024, subject to change by the organisers.



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