Build Trust

Dialogue in diversity

Build Trust 

We are facing numerous global, complex and pressing challenges (climate change, poverty, war, polarization, etc.) which pose a risk to international, national and local peace and security. These challenges need to be addressed in a collaborative, inclusive and creative way.

We believe that this requires trust between actors at all levels, from civil society, the corporate sector, and academics to government and international organizations.

Initiatives of Change Switzerland builds trust by:


Dialogue and Event Facilitation

With over 70 years of experience in dialogue and event facilitation, IofC Switzerland regularly works with organizations and groups to make their events more participatory and engaging.

We are also able to co-design events and trainings with our partners and clients so that a more human touch can be added. Furthermore, we empower individuals and groups that we work with by transforming perceptions and relationships in conflicting groups.

Enriching Encounters

In a multicultural and ever-changing society, trustbuilding through story sharing is essential to transforming unlikely encounters into enriching ones.

Initiatives of Change Switzerland launched the Enriching Encounters series in 2016 for its 70th anniversary and is now continuing it throughout the year. Join us for these events to be inspired and learn from someone else’s story.

Building Trust in Business

Trust is crucial for a business to succeed as it impacts positively employee motivation, consumer loyalty and societal consent for companies to operate.

In our digital age where human relevance is increasingly being questioned, we urgently need to build public trust in a humane future empowered by technology.

Get Facilitation Skills

Are you looking for tools to improve meetings? Do you wish to bring more voices into a conversation and make better collective decisions? Are you looking for ways to generate change and to ensure the implementation of plans?