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Unfortunately, the Caux Peace and Leadership Programme will not take place in Caux this year. However, many of the CPLP Alumni are finding new ways to get involved in IofC’s work beyond Caux and in their own countries. More info will be available soon. Until then, please keep an eye on IofC’s other programmes and opportunities and explore how you can get involved.




What is the Caux Peace and Leadership Programme?

CPLP is a one month programme where learning is achieved through experience, interaction and service, rather than academic study. Moreover, it is a unique opportunity to look behind the scenes of a Conference and Seminar Centre by contributing actively to welcoming and serving each other and those who attend the Caux Forum. There are two levels: 'Discoverer' and 'Practitioner' which run side by side.


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At the heart of the Caux Peace and Leadership Programme (CPLP) is listening. We listen to our own inner voice through personal reflection, we listen to the stories of our fellow participants and we listen to the speakers and contributors to the international events in the Caux Forum which run throughout the programme.

In exploring the concepts of peace through dialogue, we often find our own peace. Leadership is demonstrated through personal practice and learned through working as part of a diverse team to serve the needs of the Forum and its participants. Service to each other mirrors our desire to serve the world.


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The Caux Peace and Leadership Programme Talks (CPLP Talks)

The Caux Peace and Leadership Talks (CPLP Talks) are an online space where stories can be shared and connections made. This series is hosted and facilitated by Alumni of the Caux Peace and Leadership Programme as a two-way discussion.

The CPLP Talks offer an opportunity to listen to young voices from around the world, get inspired and engage with one another. Anyone who would like to take part in a conversation around the stories, experiences and challenges of the CPLP Alumni is welcome.

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Very often we can't even live with our own neighbours who share the same culture. But here we were, 70 people from all around the world and we were able to peacefully live together. I learned that we can accept each other wherever and with whoever we live, it is just a question of our own attitude and about respecting each other.

Uliana, 2018 CPLP participant from Ukraine

Sometimes when we are in our countries we face a lot of challenges and we think that we are the only ones facing those challenges. But all nations face challenges, even if some are more serious than others. So we have to think about each other’s experience.

Khaled, 2018 CPLP participant from Egypt

Caux was much more than I expected. I thought I was only going to travel abroad but I also travelled inside.

Maria, 2018 CPLP participant from Colombia

Service is an important part of the Caux experience because helping others helps to establish a good relationship. Everyone feels welcomed here. Service means empathy, it makes you think about others and make others feel good.

Veronika, 2018 participant from Russia

Through the two times I’ve now completed the CPLP, I have learned that to be a leader, you must listen. I have heard stories, and seen faces that will still make me smile or cry whenever I think of them. This programme does not only teach you how to be a peacebuilder, it shows you that at the end of the day we I are all just people, trying to learn and be better.

Practitioner from CPLP year 2 (2019)