Learning Programmes



Caux Peace and Leadership Programme

The Caux Peace and Leadership Programme supports today’s and tomorrow’s changemakers by offering a combined learning and service opportunity to a diverse group of people who stay for a month, and sometimes two, during the Caux summer. Through this unique programme, participants will explore values, leadership and the relationship between personal and societal change.


Caux Scholars Program

This four-week academic course enables 20 young leaders to become trust builders through experiential education in conflict transformation and principled leadership. Students will learn how to analyze conflicts, understand the factors that create and sustain them and how to approach conflict resolution.


Summer Academy on Land, Security and Climate

The Summer Academy on Land Security and Climate will offer mid-career professionals with responsibility for land and land policies training in the ideas and skills, access to some of the top global experts in the field and membership of a growing alumni network for mutual support and exchange of information.


The Young Ambassadors Programme 

The Young Ambassadors Programme, now in its sixth year, provides input and connections for young changemakers from across Europe.


Learning to be a Peacemaker 

Learning to be a Peacemaker is a course to help young European Muslims and their non-Muslim peers explore the resources for peacemaking in Islamic texts and history. 


Week of International Community

The Week of International Community is an opportunity for 30 individuals based in Europe to explore how the basic principles of Initiatives of Change (IofC) can create trust across cultures and generations, through common service and community-building at the Caux Conference and Seminar Centre.


Emerging Leaders Programme

The Emerging Leaders Programme at the Caux Dialogue on Environment and Security aims to bring together young leaders to find and share effective, creative and inspiring solutions to the complex issues of migration, land degradation, and conflict. It provides young innovators with a chance to have their voices heard and to influence discussions with eminent policymakers, activists, and scientists. Emerging leaders are equipped with the skills and support necessary to share their ideas and solutions, enabling them to take further action in their own communities or on the international stage.


Young Leaders - Learning for Change

IofC Switzerland aims to contribute to achieving the UN's SDG 4 via its Young Leaders – Learning for Change programme. In September 2019, the UN Secretary General, António Guterres, warned that much more needs to be done to achieve the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by 2030. ‘We must step up our efforts. Now,’ he said. This is particularly true of SDG 4 on quality education and life-long learning. Gearing it up will have an overall positive impact on all the other SDGs and trigger important changes.