Angela Starovoytova

Angela Staravoytova
Angela Starovoytova
Dialogue Facilitator, Trainer in effective communication
Network of Dialogue Facilitators

Angela Starovoytova is passionate about building connections between people and communities. Her expertise is in using non-formal education and participatory facilitation methods to create a safe and trusting environment where individuals and groups can find personal transformation and changed  relationships.

Angela has 20 years of international experience organizing and running workshops/conferences/long-term programmes on such themes as ethical leadership, conflict-resolution, trust- and peacebuilding and critical thinking. She is one of the founders of Foundations for Freedom/Initiatives of Change (Ukraine), and has worked in Ukraine, UK, Switzerland, Germany and Uganda. Currently her main involvement is with the Network of Dialogue Facilitators, using a non-violent approach to run dialogues, training programmes, forums and other events for UNDP, IOM, GIZ, IREX, OSCE and other organizations, both in Ukraine and abroad.