Burim Pajazeti
Burim, 14 years old
Lake Aid
Macedonia / France

Burim is one of the asylum-seeking children who features in French film-maker Manuela Frésil’s film. He was 4 years old when he arrived in France with his parents and his then 8-year-old brother. The family, which was part of the Albanian minority in Macedonia, did not receive asylum and found themselves on the streets. They lived in squats, slept in a car and in abandoned houses, and for several years, the Rom accepted that they live with them. Despite this, Burim has always been to school. A year ago, his family received their papers. Burim is now 14 years old, his mother and older brother can work, cleaning offices, and the family lives in a room for four at a Red Cross center.

Burim will speak together with Manuela Frésil.