Revolutionizing Youth Narratives

07-10 July 2020


The Creative Leadership conference will take the notion that creative leadership comes from the depths of our beings. In short from who we are. After looking at the personal level, we will journey on to exchange different experiences and join together to create a new form of global leadership. One which responds to the needs of our time. During the conference we will jointly explore the question “What is Creative Leadership?”  and develop a deeper and wider understanding of what this means to oneself.

The inspiration has come from over 250 changemakers of 98 different nationalities in their 20’s and 30’s who have taken part in the Caux Peace and Leadership Programme (CPLP) over the last three years. The conference is for everyone who wishes to make an active change in today’s society. As Kofi Annan once said in Caux 2013: "You are never too young to lead, you are never too young to do what you actually believe in. We keep saying the future belongs to the young. It only belongs to you if you take it."


CPLP girls


Why are we doing this?

Our world is a rapidly changing place embroiled in civil unrest, conflicts and environmental collapse.The young people who will be its inheritors are often marginalized from the decision-making processes that will shape their own present and future. Today, it is vital that younger generations are prepared to have the confidence to step forward and represent themselves. To overcome the various obstructions and boundaries that they will inevitably be faced with, they must know how to partake in the critical choices that will affect the planet and humanity. This changemaking process will be inspired by new practices that will transform the vision for youth leadership.


What are we doing?

Creative Leadership is a four-day conference that aims to engage visionary young people to question both themselves and the events occurring all around them. We will build an inclusive platform for diverse groups from around the globe to come together to share their realities and engage with the impact of their collective stories. This will be rooted in the realisation that to have maximum influence, leaders must begin with internal change. Self-reflection being used to help us find peace in their own lives before reproducing it externally.



How are we going to do it?

The conference will make innovative use of dialogue groups, workshops, speakers, music and drama. At the heart of it all will be the space for reflection, which we all need to explore our own perceptions and biases.



Our conference will revolve around the journey to reach societal change while letting the participants be at the forefront of the changemaking process. We will focus on the how rather than the what.

This will be done through:

  • Fostering a culture of dialogue, storytelling, and the impact these skills have in shaping a promising future.
  • Growing a global network of leaders and change-makers.
  • Providing a space where young people from across the world can share innovative ideas and incisive thoughts.
  • Setting a new narrative for the leadership of tomorrow through value-based behaviour and reflective practices.


CPLP circle



  • The conference will act as a launchpad for a broader global network of young leaders, who are actively committed to personal and societal change.
  • It will serve as a template for diverse future programmes that can be run by alumni in their own home countries to address local, national and global issues.
  • A culture of support will be created as youth return to their own communities.
  • Participants will work towards a statement of commitment to take the spirit of Caux into the world.


CPLP audience


Peoples thoughts on what is creative leadership

"Self-expression, innovation" - Tanaka

"Being creative is brave, willingness to go into things or make choice when we don’t know the outcome. It is the wisdom to know how to adapt to different people, projects, and environments. 'Who we are is how we lead'". - Rachel

"Ability to think differently. How do you think creatively in a situation where there is pressure and people are dependent upon you. How do you have creative thoughts and ideas and put it into action? Discernment, what does that look like?" - Phoebe

"First identify what you want to achieve, how and for what purpose? How do I impart what I’ve learned at Caux to the world? How to use skills." - Redempta

"Involves visionary leadership and it gives direction and steps on how to get there. Peoples ideas matter in creative leadership and consensus are built from various voices/opinions . Creative leadership embraces listening ear to various opinions and ideas so as to make an informed and inclusive decision." - Romano

"In my opinion creative leadership is knowing what task is for who. Helping members reach their full potential in the right areas and not waste their time and effort in a place where they don't belong. Creative Leadership is also being able to solve problems in a fast and efficient way. In other words, working smarter not harder." - Sawsan


Creative Leadership



The first day will serve as an introduction to the conference and a welcome to Caux. It will offer a chance to meet other participants from all over the world and to look at the topics that will be addressed in the following days.





This day will focus on the introspective: looking inwards so as to create change from within and in the situations around us. The first steps to becoming a leader involve embodying the values we espouse. We will explore this through dialogue groups, reflection and workshops.

This day will focus on the practicalities of leadership, providing the skills needed to make a sustainable effort to bring change in our communities or situations. Workshops exploring such tools as facilitation will help us to develop the confidence to enter difficult scenarios. Dialogue groups will be at the heart of this process, so that we can learn from the wealth of experience in the room.

On the final day of our conference we will be looking at consolidating our shared experience and making sense of what we have learned. We will look to the future, creating lasting contacts so that we can become a part of a global network. Together we will take a step forward in our commitment to bringing change.


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You can also attend one full day of the event. The Daily Forum Fee is CHF 270 and includes full participation, one meal and two coffee/tea breaks. 

Not included is the mandatory city tax of CHF 5.00 per person per night (free of charge for children up to the age of 15).

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organizing team

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