Global Ethics Forum 2024

Ethical Leadership for a Re-envisioned Future

02-04 September 2024


We are delighted to be part of this year's Global Ethics Forum on "Ethical Leadership for a Re-envisioned Future". The 2024 Global Ethics Forum is an opportunity to envision the future of the world and humanity from the ethical leadership perspective.

Ethical leadership helps in navigating life through turbulent moments, such as the current one. This forward-looking perspective is based, on the one hand, on an evidence-based understanding of reality and its challenges, and, on the other hand, on the belief that a just, inclusive, and sustainable future is possible for all.

The zero draft of the UN Pact for the future, to be launched by the General Assembly in September 2024, alerts that “we are at a moment of acute global peril… Humanity faces a range of potentially catastrophic and existential risks. We are also at a moment of opportunity, where advances in knowledge and technology, properly managed, could deliver a better future for all.” (#2).

Indeed, polarisation and wars are sadly now part of our daily reality. The environmental crisis is revealing its disastrous consequences faster than the actions taken to mitigate them. The development and deployment of new technologies such as AI are raising hopes mixed with fears. More than ever, the future of the world depends on the way we will be able to manage these sociopolitical, ecological, and digital challenges. In our interconnected world, this trilogy forms a kind of integrated roadmap towards a better future.

To answer the global existential risks and transform the opportunities into equal chances for all, rather than deepening the divide, the world needs to be guided by ethical leadership. Multilateral and non-governmental organisations, companies, think tanks and visionary leaders are striving to identify the necessary responses to the current challenges.

However, the complex reality of our world requires more integrated and multistakeholder engagement in the search for the solutions, ensuring that all voices are represented. The Global Ethics Forum is this needed space for transformational thought leadership, where the future is re-envisioned with hope and determination.

The Forum will discuss the topics of peace, sustainability, digital revolution and higher education from the perspective of ethical leadership for a better future for all. A specific focus will be dedicated to intercultural dialogue and societal engagement for de-polarisation and conflict prevention, the impact of AI on higher education, and the scope and role of ethical leadership beyond compliance frameworks.

The Caux Initiatives of Change Foundation is a knowledge partner of the Global Ethics Forum and will be part of several panels during the 2024 event. 


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(Photo graphic: Global Ethics Forum)