23 July 2023

The IofC Network Day on 23 July 2023 offers a range of events and activities with the aim to strengthen the international network of Initiatives of Change!

Stay tuned for more information and we look forward to welcoming you to the different sessions which will take place in-person in Caux, online or as a hybrid event.


Quiet Reflection and Sharing

(on-site session)

→ Please use the description of the HWP conference.


Multi-faith prayer

(on-site session)

Everyone is invited to take part in a moment of spiritual togetherness across religions and faiths. Please feel welcome to bring your own prayer to the meeting (max 2-3 minutes long).


Culture of Care Conversations

(on-site session)

In a spacious, light-filled room, individuals from diverse backgrounds gather for an open space dialogue, an inclusive and participatory event aimed at fostering meaningful conversations about Initiatives of Change generally and the Caux Forum in particular. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, encouraging participants to freely express their thoughts, ideas, and experiences.

An open space dialogue embodies the spirit of inclusivity, mutual understanding, and collaboration, providing a platform for individuals to come together, learn from one another, and collectively shape a more compassionate and interconnected world.


IofC Virtual Café: Bonding across Diversity

(online session)

You are warmly invited to this session to meet new people, exchange ideas and knowledge, and celebrate as a family as we share a meal together and get to know each other better in terms of culture, faith, and beliefs. Whether it will be breakfast, lunch, or dinner time in your region, please feel encouraged to join the session with your meal. You and the rest of the participants will then eat together in breakout rooms. There will be five breakout rooms with different themes. They include: Fun across Generations; The Richness of Intercultural Encounters; Moments of Faith and Enlightenment; Ideas and Projects for a Better World; and Personal Journeys with IofC. Each breakout room will have a facilitator, and the participants will be free to join any room of their choice.

Facilitators: Emilly Kembabazi & Jo Wilkie

Breakout room facilitators: Dr. Afaf Badran, Dr. Nagia Abdelmoghney Said, Ismar Villavicencio, Lara Waked, and Tongpang Longchar


Welcome to Caux

(online session)

In this session, participants will be warmly ‘welcomed to Caux’. Those who have not been to Caux will be treated to memorable experiences about the palace by those who have been there. A video about Caux palace will be shown to attest to that. Moments of quiet time will be exercised and takeaways from the ‘Healing the wounds of the past’ forum will be shared. Participants will also have a sneak peek  into the ‘ Trust and Integrity in Democracy’ forum.

Facilitators: Betty Nabuto Mulyalya & Sylvia Khela


Regional Meetings

(on-site session)

Everyone in the house is invited to join one of five separate regional meetings: Africa, Americas, Asia and Pacific, Europe and Middle East. In those meetings you will be able to meet IofC representatives and hear some insights and perspectives from those regions.


Living History, Living Arts

(on-site session with live-streaming)

A special Living History Across Generations session will be held LIVE in Caux as part of the Caux Forum – and you can also join online. In this session we are exploring the lives of three people whose love of music and its transformative effect have shaped their own lives and engagement with Initiatives of Change. Eliane Stallybrass took to the stage with musicals in her early life; Bev Appleton found his ‘corner of the sky’ in Caux and led the Caux Artists Program to develop performance skills; and Romanian opera singer Liliana Feher (previously Neciu) brought her family, and found a new expression – and has been inspiring IofC audiences in person and on-line ever since.

Join us as we explore their musical and spiritual journey with Initiatives of Change.


Sundown Evening

(on-site session)

The evening starts with a welcome to the participants of the TID conference. It will then continue with the screening of the movie “Stranger at the Gate”, followed by a discussion with the director Joshua Seftel, who will join online.

Synopsis: “A U.S. Marine returns home to Indiana with an all-consuming rage and plots to bomb a local mosque. But when he comes face to face with the community he seeks to kill – Afghan refugees, African American converts and others of Muslim faith – this story takes an unexpected turn.”

Watch the trailer

The evening ends in a convivial get-together on the terrace.


Download the full programme here

Caux Forum Network Day 2023 Programme 23 July