Michael Møller, Director General of the UN Office at Geneva, spoke this week at the Caux conference on Just Governance for Human Security. ‘It is our joint responsibility to close the gap, to work outside the box, to transform talk into action and…
‘I was brainwashed and I cannot deny that I had to get rid of it [hate] first to understand others,’ were the opening words of Aysenur Kormaz from Turkey, setting the context for a wider discussion on the ‘qualities of a change-maker’.
 ‘The challenge of trust-building’ was the theme of today’s Just Governance conference. Prof. Katherine Marshall, University of Georgetown, USA, defined it as working towards ‘a safe and ordered society so people can flourish’.
Saturday 4 July 2015 The role of civil society in the struggle for justice, integrity and democracy was today’s opening plenary topic, complementing the larger conference theme of 'building trust for ethical and inclusive governance.' A
From Anger to Reflection to Forgiveness: John W Franklin of the Smithsonian Museum Summer 2014: During his visit in at the Just Governance for Human Security Conference, John W Franklin took a moment to reflect on his own personal story
A Dialogue on Just Governance brought people from 38 countries to Asia Plateau, the IofC centre in the Western Ghats of India, in February. Welcoming the participants, Professor Rajmohan Gandhi spoke of the ‘disappointments, civil wars and cruel…
Reaching Out to the Enemy: Farai Maguwu of Centre for Natural Resource Governance in Zimbabwe You can now watch a new YouTube video on Farai Maguwu who visited Caux in summer 2014 during the conference 
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