A one-man show with Marc Isserles and LEBEDIK

30 March 2023


Marc Isserles and the group LEBEDIK present a moving show, telling the story of Marc's grandparents who fled Budapest during the Shoah with their two children.

Did you know that in 1944, more than 1,600 Jewish men and women found refuge in Caux? Marc Isserles' maternal grandparents, his mother and aunt arrived in Caux as part of the Kastner train.

In his one-man show, We must save the children, Isserles sings, dances and tells stories, accompanied by the two Klezmer musicians, Michel Borzykoswki and Sylvie Bossi.The show, which lasts about 55 minutes, is aimed at teenagers, students and adults, and follows a cultural, historical and educational approach.


Marc Isserle


Marc's one-man show offers a touching celebration of "humanitude" and provides a subtle blend of his personal journey, the almost miraculous story of his family, and broader reflections on our identities and shared humanity.

This show is not only about presenting the story of a family that lived through the Shoah. It is also about humanity, heroism and the importance of respect for others. And it reminds anyone who will listen of the global consequences due to a lack of tolerance.


Marc Isserles


In this show, narration and music complement and respond to each other and the audience discovers Klezmer music which invites everyone to a heart-to-heart dialogue, beyond differences in culture, language or religion.

  • Starting time: 14:00 (duration: 55 minutes)
  • Venue: Main Hall -  Caux Palace
  • Free admission


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