Group Coaching for Leaders – Leadership development through Action Learning

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Group Coaching for Leaders – Leadership development through Action Learning


About the Course

This is a leadership development programme which focuses on the human relations impact of leading and has been designed using Action Learning principles.

Action Learning involves a small group working on real problems, taking action, and learning as individuals and as a group. The process acknowledges that leading a team is a complex human activity, which takes place in uncertain and changing environments.

Such work makes demands on both our rational/intellectual and our emotional/relational capacities. The Group Coaching sessions support participants to use both types of capacity to the maximum, and give them the chance to reflect on day-to-day events and changes in their leadership practice. The process also helps question assumptions which have been taken for granted within and about the leader and the team. 

The ways of working during the sessions are flexible and adapted to participants’ needs and purposes.

Participants finish the programme with increased confidence as leaders and a set of creative, flexible and successful strategies to improve their teams’ effectiveness in delivering good outcomes.


Target Audience

Leaders and people who carry responsibility for managing teams and who:

  • have to motivate and lead their team through a period of change
  • have to manage challenging and disruptive individual behaviour within a team
  • feel the group they work with sometimes drifts into unhelpful territory
  • question their own leadership abilities and doubt their own authority
  • find themselves in difficult situations where they have to choose between two equally unpleasant courses of action


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Course Goals

  • support participants to improve their teams’ effectiveness in delivering good outcomes
  • support participants to find creative and successful strategies for real situations they are dealing with
  • support participants to identify easy applicable strength-based approaches to managing teams
  • support participants reflect on their leadership practices, and challenge assumptions taken for granted about self and the team
  • offer a platform in which leaders can benefit from a variety of perspectives and experiences shared with each other in order to take effective action
  • increase the confidence and self resilience of those in leadership positions 
  • improve participants’ interpersonal skills




A minimum of 6 sessions of 2 hours each are recommended. The sessions need to be at least 1 week apart from each other.



The course is offered in English.


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Number of Participants

Groups of 6-8 participants


Prerequisites to attend

Participants need to be in positions of management or leading teams and bring into the session real situations they need to address.



Neil Oliver

Neil Oliver is a Certified Professional Facilitator with experience of working with diverse groups across a wide range of sectors in the UK and internationally. Most of his experience comes from working with complex public sector organizations including the UK National Health Service. Since 2011 Neil has worked with the Caux Forum organizing conferences and providing training. This year Neil is part of the Tools for Change Makers organizing team. He has a particular interest in working with multi-cultural groups and teams.




Prerequisites to attend

No prior knowledge is assumed or necessary.


Cost of Training

Interested in this course? Please get in touch with us for further details: CONTACT


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