Caux Ethical Leadership Academy

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The Caux Ethical Leadership Academy (CELA)


About the programme

The Caux Ethical Leadership Academy (CELA) is a brand-new training and mentoring programme for young professionals. It will be launched in July 2023 with a 14-day intensive training course in Caux, Switzerland.

This programme will draw on Initiatives of Change’s long experience in training and community building. It will equip 40 participants with the skills, network and self-confidence to be trustworthy leaders and community-builders who can take on the challenges facing humanity.  

The programme’s sustainabilty will be ensured by IofC’s international network of experienced supporters, who will accompany the participants one-to-one.

Participants and, in the future, alumni will build up a strong network of support, through regular online and face-to-face events as well as a digital platform. An inbuilt micro-funding programme will offer additional possibilities to the participants.


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The programme will stand on four pillars

  • Building trust and self-confidence by helping participants to connect and align with their core values. This is central to IofC.
  • Accompaniment from a rich network of experienced changemakers to help the participants to engage with new possibilities.
  • The construction of a network of young changemakers, so they can help each other to implement their ideas.
  • The best possible training in the skills to meet the challenges of our times, drawing on the experience of past successful programmes.


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Why join the Caux Ethical Leadership Academy?

Nobody knows what the future holds for humanity. The challenges presented by climate change, war and disease can seem unsurmountable. Yet young leaders are overflowing with new ideas of how to respond.

CELA aims to empower young professionals to explore these issues and to support them in working together. They will benefit from the programme in the following ways:

  • They will take part in a 14-day intensive training course in Caux in July 2023.
  • They will receive a personal mentor for one year who will accompany them in their journey and stand by their side.
  • Over the year they will have regular exchanges with the other participants via their own digital platform and face-to-face meetings.
  • They will receive support in financing their projects through an integrated micro-funding programme.
  • They will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the programme.
  • They will become part of the international IofC network.


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Selection process

The 40 participants will be selected with the help of our partner organizations, some of them from the IofC network and some from outside. Participation in past IofC programmes is not a prerequisite for selection. Instead, we will strive to get a mixture of alumni of past programmes and newcomers.

To ensure alignment with IofC’s values and principles, the implementation of CELA will be regularly checked through principle focused evaluation. All team members, accompaniers, participants, and representatives from partner organizations will take part in this evaluation.



Interested? Watch this space and stay tuned – more information on the programme and the application process will be posted soon!