Artists as Changemakers - A conversation with human rights artist Ricky Romain

30 June 2022

18:00 - 19:30 CEST


“There are so many humanitarian challenges that impact on this particular time in history that I feel I can no longer work in isolation from them.” - Ricky Romain

Join us on 30 June 2022 at 18:00 CEST for a conversation with human rights artists Ricky Romain who will share his personal and artistic journey.


Point of Departure by Ricky Romain
Point of Departure, by Ricky Romain (2001/2)


For the last 20 years, Ricky has endeavoured to create art that reflects the complexity of conflict surrounding prominent human rights issues, including the refugee crisis, asylum and torture.

A single image can powerfully convey messages, ideas or emotions. Using Ricky’s paintings, we will reflect on the impact of his work on us personally and explore how images can be used to initiate dialogue, change and transformation.

This workshop is aimed at changemakers, peacebuilders, artists and everyone worldwide who wishes to be inspired and find out how art can be a tool to initiate dialogue and change!

The interview will be conducted by Neil Oliver, UK.


About the artist

Ricky Romain (credit: Robert Golden)
(photo: Robert Golden)

Ricky Romain is a well-renowned human rights artist, based in the United Kingdom, who has exhibited paintings at the London Headquarters of Amnesty International, the law chambers of the revered UK human rights lawyer, Michael Mansfield QC, and the European Council Building in Strasbourg. 

He received support from the UK Arts Council for his latest series of works entitled, “The Musicians Who Only Play And Sing For The Drowning.” 

Ricky is also a highly accomplished sitar player.

Ricky participated in the first Caux Forum Online in summer 2020 and has been a supporter of the work of Initiatives of Change ever since. He says: “I am interested in working with organizations and institutions that would like to use my imagery to act as a focus for what they do.”


Lost Voices by Ricky Romain
Lost Voices, by Ricky Romain (2015)


This is a free event offered by Tools for Changemakers and Renewal Arts. If you would like to support this event and our work, please consider making a donation (adding Tools for Changemakers in the remarks section).  


Top image: Passing Resemblance in the midst of conflict, by Ricky Romain (2007)

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