Christine Beerli appointed as the new President of Initiatives of Change Switzerland

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Christine Beerli

13 November 2018 – Christine Beerli, former Vice-President of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and former member of the upper house of the Swiss parliament, was appointed on 1 November 2018 as the new President of Initiatives of Change Switzerland. 

'I feel very motivated to take over and continue this important work together with an excellent, energetic young team,’ Mrs Beerli said after her appointment. ‘I am convinced that we are living through times where it is of the utmost importance to create space for dialogue where people from different cultures, religions and political convictions can meet in a safe environment and listen to each other. A digital world needs havens of personal encounter, and this is exactly what Initiatives of Change Switzerland has to offer.’ 

Barbara Hintermann, Secretary General of Initiatives of Change Switzerland, welcomed the council’s decision. ‘I am looking forward very much to working with Mrs Beerli,’ she said. ‘Her vast experience internationally and in Switzerland will bring great vision and support to our ambition to effectively contribute to a more just, peaceful and sustainable world.   

‘Mrs Beerli’s extensive knowledge of armed conflicts and other situations of violence, and her expertise in policy making, will help us to further develop meaningful action and to increase our relevance in peacebuilding at large.’  

Christine Beerli also brings her experience of leading positions on the boards of several renowned Swiss institutions, including Swissmedic and the Solothurner Filmtage, one of the most important film festivals in Switzerland. 

One of the main challenges facing the new President is to bring greater visibility to the work of Initiatives of Change Switzerland. ‘In my view, the work and aims of the institution are not very well known in Switzerland and we have to work on this, not least to increase the participation at our excellent seminars and conferences in Caux,’ Mrs Beerli explained. One of her priorities will be to lead Initiatives of Change Switzerland into a sustainable financial situation.   

Created in 1946, Initiatives of Change Switzerland, formerly known as CAUX-Initiatives of Change, is an independent officially recognized Swiss foundation. It organizes year-round programmes and events across Switzerland, specifically in the areas of ethical leadership and trust building. Since its inception it has owned the historic Caux Palace, situated above Montreux, where every summer it organizes its flagship event, the Caux Forum, in collaboration with the global Initiatives of Change network and partners. 

The council members and the staff of Initiatives of Change Switzerland warmly welcome Mrs Beerli in her new capacity and wish her every success. 


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