Peace Circle at la Décentrale, Mont-Soleil

11-13 October 2019



Peace Circles are offered throughout the world by Creators of Peace, a global network of women whose mission is to engage men and women in their role as creators of peace  at every level of society. 

A peace circle is an interactive 3-day retreat-like event, in a small group.

What is Peace? What are the qualities of a peacebuilder? Who are our role models in terms of peacebuilding? What are inner peace, listening to the other, to oneself and the power of forgiveness?

To answer these questions we are preparing a programme filled with presentations, interactive exercices, personal reflection and storysharing time. This event will be in French.

Starts: 11.10.19 at 17 :00
Ends: 13.10.2019 at 17 :00

Where: La Décentrale, Mont-Soleil,

Spots available: 10

Price per person:

2 ½ days (including overnight stay): 40 CHF
Contribution to meals: 20 CHF
Workshop: voluntary contribution

For more information you can contact us by email or by phone 032 941 41 41. You can also register online

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