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The Caux Scholars Program (CSP) aims to enable 20 people from around the world every year to become trust builders in their communities through experiential education in conflict transformation and principled leadership.

We aim to further equip the participants for resolving conflicts from the communities in which they work.
Through interaction with peacebuilders, scholars will leave better prepared to shape the conflicts that they work to resolve.


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Caux Palace, credit: Paula Mariane

Going down the mountain

When people say that Caux is a life-changing experience, it is not just a cliché. For some, this is their first time out of their countries. For many, it is an opportunity to work with their traumas a...

Hasan Davis and son

Hope-Dealing: Father and Son

Hasan Davis is a self-proclaimed ‘hope-dealer’, who has dedicated his life to engendering purpose, confidence and determination in young people across the United States and the globe. His son, Malcolm...

Caux Scholars Program 2017

A young Afghan activist champions the empowerment of girls and women

Four years ago, she was the first girl to ride a bicycle in her neighborhood, in Kabul. Now, she is a 21-year-old championing the empowerment of young girls in Afghanistan. Sahar Fetrat was one of 20 ...


The Caux Scholars Program Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

Swiss Ambassador Martin Dahinden welcomed alumni, academic and program directors, faculty and supporters to a celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Caux Scholars Program at the Swiss Embassy in W...

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