Change of Leadership for IofC Switzerland



After five years, Barbara Hintermann, Secretary General of IofC Switzerland, will leave the Foundation in Spring 2020 to become the first woman to be Director General of Terre des hommes, the largest Swiss organization engaged in child protection. Initiatives of Change Switzerland will therefore be looking for its new Secretary General.  

Even if saddened by her departure, Christine Beerli, President of IofC Switzerland understands that this was a professional opportunity that Barbara Hintermann could not miss. ‘I am happy for her and thank her for all her engagement and the quality of the work and support that she has provided for IofC Switzerland in these last years. We truly wish her all the best. But it isn’t over just yet! Barbara will still be with us to manage the process of our new strategy until next Spring. In the meantime we will be looking for a qualified candidate to take on the task of leading the Foundation into the future.’

Barbara Hintermann speaking at the 2019 Caux Forum
Barbara Hintermann speaking at the 2019 Caux Forum

Barbara says it wasn’t an easy decision, but one she had to make. ‘I enjoyed my time here at IofC Switzerland and I will always continue to believe in its vision and the importance of its mission. I strongly believe that a just, peaceful and sustainable world starts with each and everyone of us taking on responsibility. I have had the pleasure of being responsible of IofC Switzerland for these last five years, surrounded by an amazing team and guided by a supportive council. I discovered IofC’s richness and diversity in its worldwide network and IofC’s history within the walls of the unique Caux Palace. When this opportunity arose to be leading Terre des Hommes, an organization I have supported for a long time, I knew I had to take the chance. I am honoured to have been selected. I know I am leaving  IofC Switzerland during a difficult time, but I will ensure a smooth transition, and have all the faith in the world that the very professional and dedicated team will bring the Foundation into the future.”

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