Elodie Malbois is our Communications Officer. Here is her advice on physical activities and sports during lockdown.
Horia Jarrar, our Director of Finance, HR & Facilities, works wonders in a kitchen. She agreed to share with us one of her best recipes. There is nothing like a chocolate cake to lift morale!
Peter Osazuwa and his family have set in place a structure for the day to alternate between physical activities, work/school, and entertainment.
Nick Foster from the UK is the Director of the Caux Forum and has been working from home for years. We asked him what advice he has for beginners at home office, like many of us are. This is what he shared:
Fabian Büecheler, our Assistant Hospitality Manager, gave us the following recommendations:
We asked Rainer Gude, Strategic Partnership Manager at IofC Switzerland, to dig from his library his best life-changing and inspiring books.
Karina Cheah is not only our communications intern, she is also a published author! If you enjoy writing, you will like using the prompts that she has gathered for you.
The COVID-19 crisis and the lockdown in many countries around the globe is taking its toll on all of us. In an attempt to help people connect and encourage each other we hosted a live Quiet Time event on Tuesday, 31 March 2020.
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