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Dear IofC Community!


In this troubled time of global pandemic, we do not want to feed the fears, but seize the opportunity to be extra carefull.

We have been taking care of our staff. Everyone is working from home or in a way that is safe. Even though we are isolated, we are joining our forces more than ever to see how we can transform the Caux Forum, take care of you and help you navigate this difficult period.

To do that, we have collected the best pieces of practical advice from our team. If you are in lock down, you might be facing new challenges such as working from home and having the kids around and inside all day. You might also have more time; why not take on new routines and habits that will not only help you cope right now, but that can last and bring long-lasting positive change?

Whether you have a sweet tooth or are looking for an uplifting film to watch, you’ll find something for you. Find below the list of tips of access them all here. And if you have other tips you would like to share with us, join our social media campaign and publish them using #Cauxmmunity.

We have also offered a live quiet time event on Facebook (despite some technical problems). Silent reflection is a powerful tool to reconnect with your inner guidance system. It can help you lower your anxiety and gain clarity on yourself and your life. We have been guiding quiet times in Caux for years, and now we would like to offer it to everyone, no matter where they are. Watch the replay here.

We wish you all to be safe. Please be carefull towards what is most important to you!



#Cauxmmunity  #togetherapart


                                                                                                                                   Your IofC Switzerland team

Homeoffice Survival Kit

Nick Foster from the UK is the Director of the Caux Forum and has been working from home for years. We asked him what advice he has for beginners at home office, like many of us are.

Kitchen Secrets

Horia Jarrar, our Director of Finance, HR & Facilities, works wonders in a kitchen. She agreed to share with us one of her best recipes. There is nothing like a chocolate cake to lift morale!


Family Life

Peter Osazuwa and his family have set in place a structure for the day to alternate between physical activities, work/school, and entertainment.

Creative Writing Tips

Karina Cheah is not only our communications intern, she is also a published author! If you enjoy writing, you will like using the prompts that she has gathered for you.

Inspiring Books of Hope

We asked Rainer Gude, Strategic Partnership Manager at IofC Switzerland, to dig from his library his best life-changing and inspiring books. This is what he came up with. Surely, you have to try at least one of them!

Keep moving! - Sports & Activities

Elodie Malbois is our Communications Officer. Here is her advice on physical activities and sports during lockdown.

Films with a Vision

Fabian Büecheler, our Assistant Hospitality Manager, gave us recommendations for inspirational films with a vision.

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