Rethinking trust in the digital age

27-30 June 2019

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Trust is at the centre of human relations and is the glue that holds our society together. In business, trust is a critical ingredient for innovation and investment, to foster consumer loyalty and nurture employee motivation. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the digital economy where public trust in the benefits of the digital transformation has been the basis for economic growth and societal progress.

Trust in technologies – also called Digital Trust – is constantly challenged by an increasing number of security and privacy breaches, either by hackers or user data collection without clear user consent. Faith in the promise that new technology leads to progress and a better human future is beginning to dwindle as digitization is significantly transforming the world of work with uncertain outcomes. Such breaches also jeapodise consumer trust and confidence in the brand and company. Companies that engage in building digital trust and strengthening faith in a humane future will have a crucial competitive advantage.

About Ethical Leadership in Business

What is trust? According to the Cambridge dictionary, trust is ‘to believe that someone is good and honest and will not harm you, or that something is safe and reliable’. In our private and professional lives, trust reduces uncertainties and enables reliance on others. In the digital economy public trust in the benefits of the digital transformation has been the basis for economic growth and societal progress. However, the general public is becoming increasingly aware that the convenience and possibilities afforded by emerging technologies also bear wide-ranging risks for business and society.

With the general public increasingly expecting ethical behavior from business and its leaders, trust building through ethical leadership has become as important as the services and products themselves. Businesses who establish clear values and ethics to inform compliance, governance and decision-making will ensure their brand’s reputation. Given that it is individuals rather than organizations who make the decisions, businesses need to strengthen ethical leadership at all levels to avoid trust breaches. Companies that go beyond the legal requirements and ask themselves, ‘what is the “right” thing to do?’, will gain an important economic advantage over those who do not.

  • a clear understanding of specific trust challenges
  • an awareness of various forms of trust building in the digital age
  • IofC’s ethical leadership approach
  • business best-practices tools and actions to strengthen stakeholder trust
  • the results of an in-depth personal investigation of your own degree of trust in the digital transformation
  • energy from having disconnected from your busy life and met a diversity of people
  • an enlarged network, built over three full days of activities
  • structured activities such as panels and workshops, but also time and space for a ‘recharging’ retreat experience
  • learning through personal and professional best-practices from expert speakers and participants
  • an international conference that reflects ‘global contrasts and perspectives’ on the impact of disruptive innovation
  • optional morning ‘quiet time sessions’ giving leaders the opportunity to practice inner listening and to identify concrete steps for values-based leadership

Ethical Leadership in Business welcomes around 70-80 leaders from various business sectors. The group is purposefully kept at this size to allow speakers and participants to contribute to the learning journey and engage in conversations that create a sense of community throughout the event.

The Ethical Leadership in Business event is a conference-retreat that offers structured activities such as panels and workshops, but also time and space for a ‘recharging’ retreat experience.

The Caux Forum – ethics in business – provides a very open and calm environment for conversations to take place where we take the time to listen. This means we can tackle tricky topics differently from how they are treated in the press which is always the same. Here we can share ideas with a new approach to ethics and technology.

Father Eric Salobir, President OPTIC Technology

I’m leaving the conference enriched and content, and with considerable take-aways for my professional life.

Antonio Hautle, Global Compact Network Switzerland, Senior Programme Leader & Network Representative


The idea of self-reflection and what you can do on a personal level to have a bigger impact in the world is really important.

Tara Scanlan, Customer Success Group, Salesforce


Marylaure Bloch
PhD Candidate at the University of Geneva and assistant in the Department of East Asian Studies of the Faculty of Humanities
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Marylaure Bloch is a PhD Candidate at the University of Geneva and assistant in the Department of East Asian Studies of the Faculty of Humanities, where she graduated from. Strongly interested in contemporary China, but also in ethics of new technologies and what it means to be human, she decided to research on the emerging Social Credit System. She is lecturing for the Master in Innovation, Human Development, and Sustainability, while also contributing to the partnership with Tsinghua University, Beijing.  
Susanne Emonet
VP Business Development IoT Security
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Susanne Emonet is speaker and guest lecturer in St. Gallen, Geneva and Lucerne, startup judge at MassChallenge and expert for business model innovation, design thinking, and digital transformation. In her career, she has covered different industries, from smart camera systems, via automotive and med-tech to the internet of things – always with a focus on creating sustainable value. At Kudelski, where she is VP Business Development, she drives security for the internet of things, enabling trust in connected solutions for various industries.
Friday 03 May 2019 12:58 pm
Sebastien Fabre
Vice President
Airline and Airport Solutions, SITA
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Sébastien Fabre makes air travel easy every step of the way, by developing a portfolio of solutions that provide a seamless passenger journey (passenger & baggage processing), supporting efficient and smooth operations at the airport and allowing stakeholders across the air transport industry to work better together through the common SITA Platform and Data services. Prior to SITA, he held various positions in R&D, product development and business unit management for Equant and Orange Business Services in areas such as Unified Communications, Mobility, Security and Integration Services. Sébastien is a graduate of Telecom Paris and the Eurecom Institute.
Amandeep Singh Gill
Executive Director of the Secretariat for the UN Secretary-General’s High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation
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Amandeep Singh Gill is Executive Director of the Secretariat for the UN Secretary-General’s High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation. Previously, he served as India’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva. He joined the Indian Foreign Service in 1992 and served abroad at the Indian Missions in Tehran, Colombo and Geneva. From 2013-2016, he served as Head of the Disarmament and International Security Affairs Division in the Ministry of External Affairs. In 2017, he helped set up the National Task Force on Artificial Intelligence for India’s Economic Transformation. As Chair of the Group of Governmental Experts of the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW) on emerging technologies in the area of lethal autonomous weapons systems from 2017-2018, he led 125 States party to the CCW in adopting a set of guiding principles on the use of AI in weapons systems. He serves on the UN Secretary General’s Advisory Board on Disarmament Matters, the IEEE-MIT Media Lab’s Global Council on Extended Intelligence and co-chairs WEF’s Global Futures Council on values and ethics in innovation. Amandeep Gill has a B Tech in electronics from Panjab University and an Advanced Diploma in French History and Language from Geneva University. His PhD degree from King’s College London is on Multilateral Learning. During 2008-2009, he was a visiting scholar at Stanford University’s Centre for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC). His professional interests focus on science, security and international policy learning. His personal interests include creative writing, education, Yoga and sustainable agriculture.
Morgan Gray
Corteva Agriscience
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Morgan Gray brings an international affairs perspective and corporate communications experience to her current role, leading Digital Listening & Insights globally for Corteva Agriscience™, the only major agriscience company completely dedicated to agriculture. A strong supporter of a liberal arts education and the humanities, she joined DuPont, a multinational science company, as part of the EMEA public affairs team focusing on digital communications. As the new company Corteva was created from the merged agriculture divisions of DuPont and Dow, Morgan took responsibility for a newly created role to digitally bring the public discourse and the voice of the consumer to the table at the organization.
Brian Iselin
Founder of slavefreetrade
Brian Iselin is a former soldier and Federal Agent. For the last 17 years he has conducted modern slavery operations in almost 50 countries. He now runs slavefreetrade, a Swiss NGO providing the world’s first Human Rights Compliance Platform for assessing and monitoring workplace conditions globally in real time.
Bram Jonker
Innovation & Technology Lead
Deloitte (Netherlands)
Bram Jonker is a successful entrepreneur, who founded and sold multiple companies in data analytics in the healthcare industry. Nowadays, he is a leader in driving the adoption of disruptive technologies in a corporate environment. He believes that only by empowering people with an understanding of these changes can we transform perceived threats into great opportunities for our world.
Bogomil Kohlbrenner
Researcher / Social Anthropologist / Coordinator and Head of
Optic Technology Geneva
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Bogomil Kohlbrenner is a social anthropologist, working on applied research and the ethical development of technologies with a human centered approach.  He is the coordinator and head of the Optic Technology Geneva office. As well as a researcher at the University of Geneva Global Health Institute, working on issues of population and context-sensitive appropriate health technologies. With a passion for transdisciplinary applied research and a keen interest in understanding perspectives, stances and practices at all levels of technology development and use. He currently  collaborates as social scientists to the development of the systemic approach for appropriate medical imaging technologies on the Prystem Globaldiagnostix medical imaging solution. Amongst other research projects, he also works on human-centred approaches and ethical implications in the development of disruptive technologies (AI, big data, block chain, brain-machine interfaces, frugal technologies), locally integrated wound care management and frugal medical waste management.
Kaspar Kork
Deputy Director of Global Business Development
Estonian Investment Agency
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Kaspar Kork (30) is a mix of different experiences from different fields. He is the Deputy Director of Global Business Development at Estonian Investment Agency which is a subdivision of a governmental organization called Enterprise Estonia. Before he worked for a Estonian local bank (LHV) in their asset management department for 5 years. Kaspar studied Thermal Power Engineering at Tallinn University of Technology and holds a BA degree. He is currently acquiring an International Business Administration (MBA). He is an athletic person and loves discipline. He is the Estonian champion in orienteering and has been doing this sport for 10 years.
Peace Kuteesa
Founder of Zimba Women
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Peace N. Kuteesa is the founder Zimba Women which provides tools and technology platforms, business training and mentorship for women-led SME's enabling them to manage and scale their businesses in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda. Peace has worked on technical IT projects for international organizations like U.S Mission Uganda, World Bank and United Nations for over 10 years. A Computer Engineer working at integration of cybersecurity, internet safety and inclusion of ICT in business, a member of International Consortium of Minority Cybersecurity Professionals, 2019 Paris Global Women in Tech Awards Winner,2018 Uganda Women4Women Awards winner and 2017 Young Achievers Awards Uganda Winner; her goal is Inspiring more women to pursue STEM and Entrepreneurial careers
Tom Marshall
Innovation Community Ambassador
Deloitte (Netherlands)
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Tom Marshall is passionate about empowering people to live more meaningful working lives. Since founding Extraordinary Life in 2016, he has inspired thousands of people internationally during his talks and sessions. Audiences and venues have ranged from corporate executives to local communities in Uganda and 5000 students at a stadium in The Netherlands. He also supports Deloitte professionals to harness the benefits of technological innovation in his work as an innovation consultant. In 2018 he received the Rotterdam School of Management Distinguished Alumnus award.
Anne-Catherine Melnotte
PMO and Change Management Director
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Convinced that digital transformation is a true opportunity for personal and company growth Anne-Catherine Melnotte juggles every day with the strategic organizational change journey her company developed while empowering her colleagues with new methods to create a highly responsible data-driven strategy. After a Master in Economics and another one in Strategic Marketing she joined Firmenich where she built a guiding PMO framework, coupled with a strong team of Change Managers, in order to support their digital transformation. Making sure that their digital objectives are met and also ensuring the team is fully embarked on their digital transformation journey is her first priority. Adapting the way we work for tomorrow’s world allows her to wake up every morning with a growing passion for her job.
Carolyn Moncel
Senior Digital Communications Manager and Deputy Head of Marketing
Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP)
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Figuring out the next steps to implement in the GCSP’s Digital Transformation is how Carolyn Moncel and team spend most of their days. In addition to serving as Lead Digital Project Manager, she is also a Senior Communications Manager and the Deputy Head of Marketing.  Carolyn carries a wealth of knowledge and experience in media relations and digital media that spans more than 20 years. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Communications from Loyola University, Chicago. In her spare time, she is committed to social innovation and entrepreneurship, as Founder and Souper-in-Chief at Simply Souperlicious, a food recipe website and app devoted to converting veggie haters into veggie lovers – one local, seasonal, homemade soup at a time. She is the author of three collections of published short stories and numerous online media relations and lifestyle articles.
Jowan Österlund
Biotech Entrepreneur
Jowan Österlund is getting under people’s skin, one microchip implant at the time. A body piercer turned biotech entrepreneur, he’s leading commercial biohacking in Sweden with his vision of seamless interaction between humans and technology. It’s an evolution that could shift us from the internet of things to what he’s dubbed “the internet of us”. (photo: Janus Engel)
Eric Salobir
Founder and President
OPTIC network
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Fr. Eric Salobir o.p. is a Roman Catholic priest and a member of the Order of the Preachers. He is founder and president of OPTIC network which promotes research and innovation in digital humanities. Fr. Salobir a media and technology consultant for the Holy See and has contributed to the reorganisation of the media for He teaches digital communication at the Catholic University of Paris. After graduating from ISC Paris business school, Fr. Salobir worked at the French Embassy in Prague and Crédit Lyonnais in Paris. He then joined the Order of the Preachers in 2000 and graduated in theology and philosophy. He was affiliated with many media centres, including ROC FM, France 2 and the Federation of French Radio Stations.
Ivan Schouker
Managing Partner at FinArchitects LLC
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Ivan Schouker partners with investors, boards and executive teams on harnessing business transformation. His diverse leadership roles across geographies, businesses and charitable organizations provided him with a profound grasp of change dynamics and an ability to diagnose quickly, design creatively and execute pragmatically. From the very start of his career, Ivan Schouker addressed inflexion points (creation, turnaround, transformation, scale up), such as: Co-lead of Booz Allen & Hamilton's own global transformation initiative Founder of American Express' international corporate development & strategy unit Intrapreneur/ creation of American Express' pioneering foray into European online banking, brokerage & financial advice Transformation CEO of a family-owned Asian banking group Turnaround advisor and/ or chief executive mandates for global financial institutions - Toronto Dominion, ING Operating partner in the scale up of technology companies and startups mostly in the finance sector Board member and adviser of prominent NGOs – Landmine Survivors Network, Union for International Cancer Control, The Abraham Path Initiative
Suat Top
SATT IDF Innov / France
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Passionate about science since his childhood, Suat Top naturally turned to Research. After a doctoral thesis in the field of Physics he got a position of Professor in Quantum Physics at the University of Paris-Saclay in 2008. During more than 15 years Suat studied, taught and lead Research in the field of quantum physics with the constant desire to understand all the secrets of the Nature. The hazards of life have led him to focus on the harmful effects that radio-waves could have on living organisms. Aware of the risk that the development of WiFi antennas and the Internet of Things could bring to our children, he developed a technology that allows people to be connected to Internet not with radio-waves but any artificial light spots around us.
Laura Tocmacov Venchiarutti
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Laura Tocmacov Venchiarutti heads impactIA. The foundation operates the concrete applications of Artificial Intelligence on work in a sustainable approach. Trained at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in "Artificial Intelligence & Business Strategy", Laura specializes in the ethical aspects of Artificial Intelligence and their integration into companies and has been working in the field of employability for more than 20 years.

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