'Humans are made of stories'

A Creative Leadership Story

Hani Abou Fadel


Hani Abou Fadel

Hani Abou Fadel from Lebanon is studying Global Studies at Lund University in Sweden. He was one of the participants of last year's Creative Leadership conference on the theme Together for Change.

This amazing six-day Creative Leadership conference felt more like a one-month conference.

I was able attend both morning and afternoon sessions, which meant that I could take part in two different dialogue sessions. I knew some of my fellow participants from before. Others I had just met and this was when the magic erupted. We bonded fast, as if we’ve known each other for a long time.

We bonded fast, as if we’ve known each other for a long time.

We had the chance to listen to one another from our own culture, occupation and personal experience, and to analyze how leadership works. Then we had webinars from top experts in their respective fields that clarified everything and inspired me to improve my leadership skills.


CL 2020 teatime
Teatime at Creative Leadership 2020


The conference also showed us that one of the basics of being a leader is having the courage to share your story, because, as a fellow participant put it, ‘humans are made from stories’. It also showed me that there is an artistic aspect in leadership: I wrote a poem about my perspective of creative leadership. I used never to show my poems in public, but now I believe that there is a world where you can show your authentic self without feeling under pressure.

During the dialogue sessions, I learned a new term: collective leadership. This builds trust in a community and is a further step from any single change an individual wants to see. We have diverse ideas and nationalities, but can work together with mutual agreement and respect.

This extraordinary conference, with IofC values floating all over the world, has changed me to be more ambitious, intellectually honest and more consistent.

Now I believe that there is a world where you can show your authentic self without feeling under pressure.




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