Let the magic begin!

CATS 2018 - Safe Together

CATS 2018


Lights, camera, action! The CATS Conference 2018 has officially started!
The Caux Palace has transformed into a community filled with laughter, love and an ocean of different cultures and languages. Our opening session was a huge success. From the performance to the talk show to the Facebook live stream viewed by many and hosted by Aksa, one of our MEOW members - everyone was enraptured.

Lunch and dinner gave people to catch-up with all the friends they made last year and the chance for new friendships to be made. The community groups followed and it gave a wonderful opportunity for the participants to meet the people they will most likely build meaningful connections with. In other words – their home away from home. The day was ended with a melting pot of all the young people hanging out in the games room. Surrounded with music, laughter and “what is your country like” – it was, for sure, a fun way to kick off CATS 2018.

Some Useful Info - Lanyards

Black - We are the participants

Green - We're also participants, but please we do not want to have our pictures taken

Red - We're helping out with the planning and implementation of the program. Find us if you need anything

Blue - We are a part of the Caux Peace and Leadership Program or Caux Staff

Light Blue - We're in charge of Caux Communication

Yellow - We are the Caux Elders. Find us if you want to know more about the history of the place

Safeguarding and First Aid

Jennifer is in charge of SAFEGUARDING at CATS. If you are feeling uncomfortable, unhappy or just need some assistance, feel free to find Jennifer and set up a meeting. Jennifer will be wearing cat's ears on her head. She can be reached on: 9219. In case of an absolute emergency at night, kindly reach the service manager on: 9000.

If you require First Aid, there will be first aiders in Room 300b.

Our Partners

CATS would not be possible without the co-operation of the following organisations or groups.

Initiatives of Change - Switzerland

IofC Switzerland is an independent and official Swiss foundation. It organises programmes and events all across the country in the areas of ethical leadership in business and trust building. The foundation has owned the Caux Palace since 1946, in which the Caux Forum is held annually.

Initiatives et Changement France

Initiatives of Change France is a secular and apolitical non-profit orgaisation. It works with children, youth and adults to be partners of chnage in order to develop active citizenship. It contributes to a more fair, peaceful and confident society.

Learning for Well-being Foundation

L4WB-F has developed a Learning for Well-being. This is a process-oriented approach to life - a language and tool that cultivates capacities of individuals and communities to inspire a shift of mindset that places well-being at the centre of all our endeavours.

Making Earth Our World (MEOW)

MEOW, an independent, youth-led organisation, set up with the aim of working alongside the Core Team, to bring forth suggestions from  the online child and youth communities. MEOW was set up with the aim of increasing child representation within the planning and implementation of CATS.


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