Building the Next Generation of Trustbuilders in Europe

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‘Everybody thinks of changing humanity, but nobody thinks of changing [them]self.’ - Leo Tolstoy

The Young Ambassadors Programme (YAP), under the aegis of Tools for Changemakerswill bring together 35 young Europeans who aspire to take an active role in transforming society. The event will take the Young Ambassadors through an intensive training programme that will inspire deeper conviction about Europe, equip them with the reflective and practical tools to build sustainable change, and connect them to a supportive network of similarly engaged young people.

The training will explore the dynamic relationship between personal change, sharing stories and exchanging experiences, taking focused action and space for reflection. The journey will continue during the Tools for Changemakers forum, during which the Young Ambassadors will resurface from the deep dive of the training programme and engage with forum participants of different ages and backgrounds. The forum will have a practical focus, alongside the Caux Forum’s particular emphasis on space for reflection, personal change, empathy and dialogue. It will equip the Young Ambassadors with the tools they need to take an active role in social transformation on a local, national or international level.


  • To train and equip a new generation of young Europeans with practical skills, peacebuilding tools, integrity and sensitivity to the diverse perspective of others
  • To develop a network of young Europeans willing to be actors for positive change in their communities and countries
  • To create opportunities for further cooperation and collaboration and follow-up activities between participants and  Alumni
  • To contribute to and promote a richer mutual understanding of beliefs, values, identity, history and cultures through a collective learning experience
  • To empower the participants to take an active role in their communities and equip them with tools for social transformation and inspire change from within.
  • A training programme that will support youre fforts in transforming your community and will equip you with tools for social change, dialogue and peacebuilding 

  • An opportunity to grow in your understanding of leadership and commitment on the basis of (self-)reflection on analytical and emotional levels
  • The opportunity to become part of a European community of young changemakers and friends who are working towards change, starting with themselves, and supporting each other in this process 
  • Upon graduation, the Young Ambassadors will join a community of over 200 alumni. Alumni will have the opportunity to join further training and programmes specifically designed for their needs.



Young people aged 18-30:

  • Who demonstrate a strong interest or active participation in civil society initiatives, NGOs, political organizations and structures 
  • Who are willing to give space for new ideas, dialogue and reflection on topics that form various communities
  • Who show interest and curiosity about other cultures and come with an attitude of open mind
  • Who are citizens or residents of Switzerland, Sweden, UK, Romania, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and Ukraine
  • People from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply, including recently arrived migrants, as well as representatives of minority communities. 
  • Have a high standard of spoken English 
  • Be ready to share about the challenges of social-cohesion, identity and trust in their communities (however big or small) and be ready to take initiative after the training programme
  • Hold a desire to bring positive change
  • Actively participate for the entire duration of the programme


We will select suitable candidates based on their personal motivation and their demonstration of high interest or active participation in initiatives and projects related to Europe. We are aiming at a diverse group of nationalities, age and gender, and experinces of life. Especially, we invite young people, who are usually facing obstacles, to apply. Our programme lives from diversity in life experiences and exchange of various ideas.

Selected participants will be notified by email.

The Young Ambassadors Programme began in 2015 as an additional component to the Addressing Europe’s Unfinished Business (now Tools for Changemakers) conference and has been running every summer since. The Young Ambassadors Programme bases its methods on over 70 years of trustbuilding work by Initiatives of Change around the world. 





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Sezan Eyrich

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Timo Pfender

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