75th Anniversary

01 August 2021

2021 marks the 75th anniversary of Caux as the European conference centre of the worldwide movement of Initiatives of Change (then called Moral Re-Armament).
The Caux Forum in July this year will mark the high-point of the celebrations around the 75th anniversary and will lead up to Swiss National Day and a Day of Gratitude on 1 August.
This day will celebrate the gift that some incredibly visionary Swiss families and individuals gave to the world 75 year ago, when they bought the derelict Caux Palace Hotel. (Discover the story of one of them here.)
They believed that global change must start with ourselves, and be founded on pan-cultural social values. IofC Switzerland continues to promote this approach, aiming to inspire, equip and connect those who participate in our activities, and to establish new opportunities, collaborations and trust.
Caux Artists 2017
Initiatives of Change also has a history of engaging with the arts as a means of celebrating cultures, identity and interdependence and encouraging connection beyond the intellectual.
One of the key facets of the 75th anniversary celebrations will be to revisit some artistic productions from the past and to encourage new collaborations, workshops and contributions. Artistic components will be woven into these upcoming months, throughout the Caux Forum and also the Day of Gratitude.
The Day of Gratitude will not only mark the official closing of the Caux Forum Online 2021. It will also concentrates on the role that the Caux Conference and Seminar Centre has played as a catalyst for change over the last 75 years.


TIP 2019 hands


8:00 - 9:00 am GMT: Day of Gratitude - Water of Life

Celebrate with us Lennart Segestrale’s wonderful fresco, the beautiful masterpiece that has accompanied so many important meals and discussions over the years in the dining-room of the Caux Conference and Seminar Centre.



12:00 - 14:00 GMT: Launch of the IofC Hub 2021 (1 - 5 August)

For the second time, the IofC Hub will bring together and connect the international network of Initiatives of Change. Stay tuned for registration!



15:00 - 16:00 GMT: Day of Gratitude - 'Musical Stories' with the Caux Vintage Chorus

This musical event will present a variety of songs which were composed and performed especially for Caux and the many activities of Initiatives of Change all over the world. Join in and (re)discover IofC's musical heritage of the past!



Stay tuned and watch this space for more details!

Lennart Segerstrale At the spring of life fresco
Lennart Segerstråle's fresco at the Caux Palace

Photo top: Adrien Giovannelli

Photo fresco: Initiatives of Change

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Hope in the Cities - Dr Robert Taylor (left, John Smith and Audrey Burton at Caux 1992

1992: Hope in the Cities – 'Where healing can take place'

In July 1992, 80 Americans arrived at the Initiatives of Change Switzerland conference centre in Caux with an urgent question: how to address racism, poverty and alienation in US cities. Three months ...

Anna Abdallah

1991: Anna Abdallah Msekwa – Creators of Peace

The 680 women – and some men – who packed the Main Hall of the Caux Palace for the launch of Creators of Peace 30 years ago came from 62 countries and a mind-boggling variety of backgrounds: a Mohawk ...

Lennart segerstrale fresco dining-room Water

At the Stream of Life - Reflections on the fresco of the Caux dining room

Discover the report on this summer's online event on Lennart Segerstråle’s masterpiece in the Caux dining room and watch the replay!...

King Michael of Romania, Queen Anne and young Romanians in Caux 1990

1990: King Michael of Romania – ‘Evil cannot last indefinitely’

In the summer of 1990, six months after the overthrow of Communism in their country, 30 young Romanians came to Caux. It was their first time outside the Eastern bloc, and they had been hesitant about...

Michel Orphelin acting in Caux

1989: Michel Orphelin – Theatre of the heart

In spring 1946, when the first small group of Swiss visited the derelict hotel in Caux which was to become the Initiatives of Change (IofC) conference centre, they realized its ballroom could become a...

1988 square.

1988: Joe Hakim and Marie Chaftari - ‘I am not a victim’

The Caux summer of 1988 at the Initiatives of Change conference centre began with a Mediterranean Dialogue, attended by people from all over the region, followed by a 10-day ‘youth training session’. ...

Mother Park

1987: Mother Park Chung Soo – ‘A new door began to open’

Mother Park Chung Soo, a Won Buddhist nun, has been called the ‘Mother Teresa of South Korea’. She was already involved in humanitarian work in Korea when she came to the Initiatives of Change confere...

Benches Work Week 1986

1986 - Work Week: A facelift for the Caux Palace

As plans for celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Initiatives of Change conference centre in Caux got underway, Eliane Stallybrass began to dream. In 1946 the pioneers of Caux had volunteered their...

Renée Pan photo David Channer

1985: Renée Pan – Dropping the burden of revenge

Renée Pan, a Cambodian refugee living in the US, came to Caux in 1985 on a mission – to learn how to forgive....

Amie Zysset in Caux

1984 - Amie Zysset: The great adventure

Amie Zysset from Switzerland was the heart and soul of the international family conferences which took place in Caux from 1978 through the 1980s. She died – aged only 60 – after many months in hospita...

Folker and Monica Mittag wedding

1983: Folker and Monica Mittag – Found in translation

The wedding of Folker and Monica Mittag in April 1983 resulted from an encounter in Caux ‘which changed our lives for ever’. Folker was a German businessman; Monica a Swiss interpreter. Discvoer how t...

Paul Tournier 1982 in Caux (credit: Paul Gardner)

1982: Paul Tournier – Medicine of the person

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Agnes Hofmeyr Stanley Kinga

1981: Stanley Kinga and Agnes Hofmeyr – ‘It came into my heart that I must tell her’

When Agnes Hofmeyr sat down to dinner in Caux with her compatriot, Stanley Kinga, in 1981, she had no idea of the bombshell he was about to drop....

Banner 22 July 2021 FDFA CDES square

A shared adventure between Switzerland and Africa for sustainable peace

This wonderful virtual meeting honoured the links between the Caux Forum and Switzerland on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Initiatives of Change Switzerland (IofC) and 15 years of partnership...

Choir Musical Stories

Musical Stories from Caux

‘What a magnificent presentation of stories and music’, commented one of the participants of the only in-person, by invitation, event of this year's Caux Forum Online which took place on 1 August 2021...