Art for Change

A 75th Anniversary Arts Event

12 November 2021

14:00 CET (13:00 GMT)


Can the arts bring change and renewal to a troubled society? Is it possible for the arts to build bridges between cultures? How do visual arts and design help human development? Is there a balance between freedom and control in art?

Abdelmohsen Ajeebah Inspirations
Ajeebah Inspirations by
Abdelmohsen Farahat
Stephen Broadbent Reconciliation
Water of Life by Stephen Broadbent

 These are the kind of questions which confront creative people when thinking of the need for change in our world.

You are invited to join the architect-painter Abdelmohsen Farahat (Egypt) and the sculptor Stephen Broadbent (United Kingdom) online for a conversation on the power of art to facilitate change on 12 November at  14:00 CET (13:00 GMT).

These two artists have met in Caux and are now meeting again online to share their experiences and insights. Their conversation will be illustrated with images of their work and there will be an opportunity for participants to join in.

Their conversation will be followed immediately by a concert on the theme of "The Food of Love",  given by musicians Aching Shaiza, Liliana Pop and Jihye Kim.


Art for Change programme concert


The Artists


Stephen Broadbent

Stephen Broadbent is a sculptor based in the north of England who focuses on public art. His many projects include a community-led memorial to the 1993 Warrington bombing in England and the Reconciliation Triangle sculptures, which acknowledge the slave trade between Liverpool, Benin and Richmond, Virginia.

Stephen had his first one-man exhibition in London in 1982. Beginning with limited edition bronze sculptures and gallery work, Stephen has grown in skill and experience – rising to the challenges of increasingly larger public sculptures and urban design projects.

He is fundamentally a communicator and creative enabler who believes the ultimate success of any artwork will be its ability to endure beyond those that participated in its making. Stephen continues to demonstrate a role where artists can be radically engaged in the community, finding solutions, selecting and also interpreting themes that enlarge and enlighten our experience of the world.


Abdemohsen Farahat

Abdelmohsen Farahat from Egypt is an award-winning architect with a special interest in landscaping, urban design and memorials. He has worked as a teacher for more than 45 years in Egypt, the US and Saudi Arabia, co-designed and established with his son Ahmad-Ullah Farahat a cultural center in Historic Cairo, which includes the Egyptian IofC activities, and has concentrated on painting for the last five years.





The musicians

Art for Change musicians

More about the musicians



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Top: Color Dreams by Abdelmohsen Farahat

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